She needs our prayers and love: Police Release Yetunde Akilapa [Pictures]


The police in Lagos state have released the detained up and coming actress, Yetunde Akilapa allegedly caught on Sunday for house burglary in Magodo Estate. Read it HERE

Yetunde Akilapa was allegedly beaten black and blue by some residents of the area when she was caught in possession of a bunch of master keys.

She was detained at a police station in the area on Sunday. The Yoruba actress, who is with the Odunfa caucus, was reportedly released after her lawyer and family members intervened in the matter.

One of her colleagues informed that Yetunde’s matter is spiritual and called for prayers on her behalf.

Recall that Yetunde only regained freedom in November 2013 from a similar alleged offence. She then told First Weekly magazine in an interview in December 2013 that her friends set her up.

Her Story : *This is not a movie*

Stealing runs through her veins the way blood runs through yours!……This actress may not be a household name for you and i but she is slowly edging a name for herself as a thief…a thief who has keys that can open any door that you think you may have locked. Yetunde is not a first time thief though,Her matter was in the news in February 2013, when it was reported that she was arrested for robbery by the police in Alade, in Somolu area of Lagos State. She was later taken to court by the police for prosecution, but she was discharged and acquitted after the court said her prosecutor didn’t present a proper case that could lead to her conviction.

She has done it again, On Sunday Morning of January 12,2014,there was a loud noise in Magodo phase 2,No 15 Ibitayo street to be precise and people were shouting ”thief thief”! and running after a lady in a black dress …the lady in the black dress was running like a horse without shoes,running inside a walled estate…unfortunately for her,before she could get to the gate,the security on duty mobilised and caught her.

She was escorted back to number 15 Ibitayo street where she had been caught inside the master bedroom with a bunch of master keys hidden in her brassiere. the occupants of this house are not friends with the actress and have never met her before or share close friends with her but something strange may be the missing link.