Felicitations: Good to be back beloveths

I know many of you would have been wondering where I’ve been or gone to right? Well,words won’t be enough to express my heartfelt apologies for leaving you all without a word or trace. Honestly,it hasn’t been easy at all with life’s plenty challenges,hustles and ambitions,but in all,i still miss one thing I’ve come to love and cherish and that’s writing and also,i miss YOU all my fans,friends and followers.

Am back now with a bang!!!! Yea,with a louder bang for that matter. Nothing will stop me from being whom I am and what I love doing most,touching lives. Gracious Grace Blog is coming out repackaged,redefined and revitalized! Not just the usual stories,nope but with more inspirations to touch and save lives. This is a moment to talk and share your life values and aspirations with me ranging from all and all issues: Health,sex.Marriage,Datings and relationships,love and parenting, politics,environmental issues,fashions and whole lots more. GG is back with a bang. I miss you all immensely and felicitate with you all for keeping faith with me. I Love you all plenty and remained blessed.


Gracious Grace

Thursday Nov.13th,2014

Gracevillers visit to Love Home Orphanage Magodo on 1st June,2014



It was a memorable moment this evening as Gracevillers paid a visit to the motherless babies of Love Home Orphanage,an arm of Real Woman Foundation,Jubilee Road,Magodo GRA Lagos State today 1st June,2014. Woow, it was a moment of reflection and emotion seeing those lovely and cute kids orphaned. We played and prayed with them and couldnt help the tears that flows. I pray that God will someday put us in a position where we can also cater for abandoned kids and touch their lives in a positive way more than we did today.

I will not fail to appreciate my lovely friends who spent their time,energy and resources to make this wish to come to pass. To you my beloveth sisters:HP,Nelo,Cynthia,Diuto,Firstlady,Vera,Fassyqueen and Nobble Nasa,May my God bless you abundantly,may His grace and favour shine forth upon your lives and may the rewards and blessings of today overflow in your lives for allowing yourselves to be a channel of blessing to the Love Home Kids today and forever in Jesus name Amen.
This is just the beginning of greater things to come !
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30th May,1967:Today in Biafran History


Oh my Biafra
my beautiful land
A land of peace
The land of my fore fathers
when shall i see you again
oh with tears in my eyes
i remember my fore sisters and brothers who paid the ultimate price with pangs of hunger and starvation
I shall weep no more
Because i see my beautiful Biafra in no distant time
flowing still yet with milk and honey
God bless the sweet land of Biafra for you and me!

Composed in remembrance of the souls that were lost during the Biafran/Nigerian war.
Gracious Ada Biafra



Ikorodu Boat Accidnt:Rescue Officials recovers body of missing groom


The remains of 35-year-old Isaac Akere has finally been recovered, two days after the body of his fiancée was taken out of the Oworonsoki river along with seven others who drowned in the ill-fated Bell Marine Services commercial boat.

This brings the death toll to nine.
Our correspondent had reported on Thursday how the boat, which was conveying about 21 passengers from Ebute Ero, Lagos Island to Majidun, Ikorodu on Wednesday evening, had capsized midway after its hull hit a rock.

It was learnt that the accident, which happened around 6pm on Wednesday, was also caused by overloading and speeding.

Rescue officials who responded to a distress call, were however able to save 12 of the victims while eight were reportedly brought out dead.

It was reported that among the dead were two pregnant women, a couple whose wedding had been slated for this week Saturday and a 13-year-old girl.

However, it was learnt that it was only the body of the would-be-bride, identified as Foluke Yeye, that was seen at the Ikorodu mortuary where police took the corpses, while that of her fiancé, Akere, could not be located.

Both of them reportedly parked their car at the Majidun jetty in the morning before taking the boat to Ebute Ero, for work, and were returning in the evening when tragedy struck.

Anxious relatives of the late Akere had launched a search for him on Thursday after they found his white Toyota Corolla, parked at the Majidun jetty.

His uncle, Bolaji Akere, said his body was discovered by the fishermen the family deployed to the area of the incident.

He said, “It’s our effort, not government’s effort. We engaged all those fishermen to do the search yesterday and it was this Saturday morning, around 1am, they discovered the body around Oworonsoki.

“This is really sad news for the family because he has aged father and mother and he was the breadwinner of the family; it is a matter of life and death for them right now. He and his wife were to marry on Saturday.”

The spokesperson for the National Emergency Management Agency, South West Zone, Ibrahim Farinolye, while condoning with the family said the owners of the boat have been asked to give the remains of the late Akere to the family for burial.
“We have asked Bell Marine to hand over the body to them instead of giving it to the hospital and then complicating the process of the burial. It is the right of the family to have access to the body of their relative. This is part of humanitarian services, and it is also to cushion the effect of the trauma they have suffered while searching for him,” he said.

The General Manager of Bell Marine Services, Ben Kalejaiye, could not be reached for comment as he did not pick his calls or reply a text message sent to his phone as of 10.45am.




Shocking:Clinics Sell Fake HIV Certificate To Help People Get Jobs


Private clinics in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, are selling fake HIV negative certificates to help people get jobs, an undercover investigation by BBC Africa’s Catherine Byaruhanga has revealed.

I, along with my BBC colleagues, spent several weeks trying to track down someone who had paid for a fake HIV-negative certificate.

Most of the people we spoke to were too scared to be interviewed.

Sarah isn’t her real name – she would only talk to us if we hid her identity.

“I had to get the fake negative results because if I gave the company my positive results I was not going to get employed.

I’m a single mother. I’m struggling. I need this money. I need this job for my child.”

We heard several accounts of people buying bogus HIV-negative results in order to get a job, to travel abroad or to lie to s*xual partners because of the huge stigma against people with HIV here.

We went undercover to several clinics in Kampala, pretending to be HIV-positive job-seekers in need of a negative certificate to show prospective employers.

Clinics selling bogus HIV certificates

These were small private clinics – there are hundreds of them all over Kampala.

Inside, there were a handful of staff, a doctor maybe but usually a nurse and a laboratory technician who carries out the testing.

We visited 15 clinics – 12 were willing to give us a fake negative result.

One laboratory technician said it was very risky for him to give a fake certificate and he could be arrested.

After some negotiations, he agreed to write it for around $20.

The certificates have everything to make them look official, including the clinic’s official stamp and the health worker’s signature.

This evidence comes at a time when many people here are taking a critical look at Uganda’s HIV policies.

For years, the country was seen as a global leader in the fight against the disease.

Twenty years ago, around one in five Ugandans had the virus, the government quickly got behind Aids campaigns and by 2005 the rate was brought down to 6.3%.

But in recent years the number of people with HIV has started to rise again, to 7.2% in 2012.

Once again, the government and activists are fighting to turn things around.

The message is: “Get tested”. Everywhere you go in Kampala there are billboards and posters urging people to find out their status.

Even President Yoweri Museveni and his wife have taken public tests.

The idea is once people find out they are HIV-positive they can get onto anti-retroviral medicines and be counselled so they don’t spread the disease.

But the massive social stigma means many are just too scared.

People just don’t know

Last year, a survey of more than 1,000 Ugandans living with HIV/Aids was carried out by the National Forum of People Living with HIV/Aids Networks in Uganda (Nafophanu).

It found that more 60% of them faced stigma; either being shunned by relatives or friends or losing a job.

Many people in Uganda still see it as a disease of the immoral, those who have led a promiscuous life.

The HIV-positive people we have spoken to add that employers are not willing to hire them because they think the disease will make them less efficient at work.

Nafophanu head Stella Kentutsi says this stigma leads some HIV-positive people to avoid accessing health services.

This then leads to more people dying of the disease and passing it on to their partners.


Can Of Worms:Tchidi Chikere Blasts Ex-Wife Sophia,Calls Her Most Terrible Wife

The drama between Tchidi Chikere and his ex-wife is taking a dramatic turn as Tchidi had decided to open a can of worms in their marriage .Sequel to this is commen:Nuella is my missing rib…See Link: https://graciousgracegardens.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/this-looks-more-like-my-first-marriage-nuella-is-my-missing-rib-tchidi-chikere/


I thought the drama was over after Tchidi married Nuella last weekend but like some of you said, the drama is only just beginning. The Nollywood actor a few minutes ago took to his twitter account to put his ex-wife Sophia Tchidi Chikere on blast, calling her the most terrible wife, and implied that she cheated when they were together.

But why do this to the mother of your children tho? What if your kids see this? See his tweets after the cut…