Photo Of The Day: President Jonathan Visits Pope Francis

Pope Francis and Nigerian President Goodluck shares a smile during a private audience at the vatican,Saturday,March 22,2014.

Pope Francis With Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan And wife,First lady Dame Patience



Tony Kanu: Did Some Igbos Naively Join The “CRUCIFY HER !” Chants Too Early?


The Stella Oduah forged certificate saga is still ongoing barely some months after the bullet proof cars saga simmered down ! I have been keenly following her story and in all honesty,it is getting more interesting and intriguing as ots quite évident now that Stella our amiable aviation minister is being hounded by some powerful cabals who uses the services of sahara reporters ,an online media house to destroy and tarnish her image . But,believe me the truth is unfolding gradually as pointers is showing that she is being framed. Catching my exact thought is the write up of Mr. Tony Kanu . Gracious Grace

From Tony Kanu :
In the past few days, the unsavoury story abuzz has been that of Nigeria’s Aviation Minister Ms Stella Oduah and she’s once again placed on butchers’ slabs of print, electronic & social media outlets; But this time for alleged certificate forgery and not for purchase of ‘wonder-on-wheels’ bullet-proof SUVs.

The aforesaid ‘butchers’ are the same group of
Yoruba smear mongers & ‘Anti-Jonathan/Igbo’
media outlets like Sahara Repoters, Premium Times, Osun Defender et al that work tirelessly to rubbish the so-called “Pro-Igbo Jonathan administration” and obviously doing the malicious damages for the opposition & the Yoruba cabal in Nigeria’s Aviation sector; A cabal that have for many years held down the Aviation sector, prior to Oduah’s appointment and being adjudged as the best Aviation Minister in recent times by ardent Aviation sector watchers.

Now the big question for us as the Igbo and the
obvious antagonism the South East geopolitical zone now face for ‘UNUSUALLY’ having some key positions in Nigeria since President Jonathan’s emergence is, “Why did some of the Igbo join them too early in yelling & chanting “CRUCIFY HER!!!”, when the appropriate quarters or institution in question never confirmed she actually forged her certificate and when we know this may just be another propagandists’ attempt to do the dirty job for the opposition or the aforementioned cabal?

Are we going to always pretend some ethnicities in the Nigerian set-up don’t strive on tribalism &
assassination of character to achieve certain goals? And the fact that most happenings/political appointments/have been based on ethnic sentiments? A situation where certain individuals from a section of the Country may feel its their ‘Birthright’ to hold down certain positions/Ministries. Have we as the Igbo forgotten so soon that Ndi-Igbo in positions of power at the Federal level have always been targets of smear campaigners from the North & West even before Goodluck Jonathan, whom they ludicrously accuse of favouritism for Ndi-Igbo, became President? How many of these ugly instances have we forgotten so soon? Are we going to allow ourselves be used as their extended agencies for the destruction of our own Igbo kith in power when we know its still the same old anti-Igbo elements at work?

This is realism and it amounts to self-denial if any Igbo chose to or failed to view the current Stella Oduah saga first with tribal lens, owing to Nigeria’s ethnic inclinations on all fronts.

It also amounts to gullibility of some Igbo themselves that joined the Igbo antagonists, detractors & the known Igbo-haters, in this ‘Stella Oduah condemnation’ without concrete evidence & proper confirmation from the appropriate quarters just as the same ‘Sahara liars’ have now shamefully changed the story.

Believe it or not, Ndi-Igbo are at cold-war in the
Nigerian contraption and the moment we begin to realize this, we’d all have better understanding of what we are facing & better approach if we still wish to be relevant as major players like the other ethnicities from the North, West & recently the South- South.

I am not in support of bad deeds whatsoever owing to tribal bearings but as Igbo and the years of betrayed trust, attacks & marginalisation of the Igbo tribe by our co-inhabitants that don’t hide their hatred for the Igbo, we should never fall for their ‘stories’ hook, line & sinker. We should always look before we leap.

I hope Ms Stella Oduah will take legal actions against Sahara Reporters immediately & claim damages that will see them run out of their malicious business of character assassination & smear reportage.

I guess some Igbos will learn from this and cease subconsciously aiding Igbo detractors against Ndi-Igbo.

Tony Kanu

Hmmmmmmm This is really getting more hotter by the day!!

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Saturday, The 24th Of August will forever remain golden in the hearts of Nigerians especially South Easterners as the first historic international Airline-Ethiopian Airways lands at Enugu Airport carrying 155 passengers from Addis Ababa!href=””>20130827-133740.jpg

Indeed this is a great feat under the leadership of pretty Ms. Princess Stella Oduah-Ogiemwonyi,the Minister of Aviation. She had indeed proven herself to be able and capable and we are indeed grateful to her and our amiable President,Goodluck Ebele Jonathan!

Hear the amazon speak:
“During my campaign for election as President in 2011, one of the promises I made to Nigerians was to bring about transformation of the national economy. This promise is being delivered in the South East Geo-political Zone through, amongst other key interventions; the transformational work going on not only here at Akanu Ibiam International Airport in Enugu, but also at the Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport, Owerri”- President Jonathan declared on Saturday, May 18, 2013 during the Foundation Laying/Commissioning Ceremony of the remodeled Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu.

Ms Stella: “Indeed, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Transformation Agenda is getting full expression in the Aviation sector not only in the renewal of airport infrastructure, especially Terminal rehabilitation and upgrade, but also very poignantly for the people of the South East, as the first international flight operated by Ethiopian Airlines lands at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu today, August 24, 2013.

For the people of the land-locked region and it’s environs stretching to the South South and parts of the Middle Belt, it has been a long dream come true; almost like a Long Walk To Freedom. Although the Enugu airport had in fact borne the name ‘International’ since it was officially so designated on December 17, 2010 by then Acting President Jonathan, all hope of actually playing host to international flights had remained forlorn for the people of the region-until today, that is!

When the President rolled out his Transformation Agenda with promises of a new dawn, a lot of hopes were expectedly raised. Now those hopes have crystalized into reality for people from the South East zone who were assured that the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu, would truly answer its name in the lifetime of the Jonathan Presidency. This is concrete proof that this President keeps promises once they are made.

This historic international flight, perhaps the first since after the Civil War, is both symbolic and revolutionary. It symbolizes the end of an era where an entire region was almost shut out from the rest of the world, literally speaking, to one where the same enclave is now open to a new and exciting world of endless possibilities. According to President Jonathan, “the South East Region of Nigeria, with this international airport, can confidently say to the world ‘we are open for business’! The region and it’s environs is indeed open for business. This inaugural flight is equally revolutionary as this singular development will certainly change the way of life of the inhabitants of the region, forever.

Before now, anyone residing in the zone and hoping to embark on international trip to other African, Asian, European and American countries had to suffer the agony of traveling to either Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja or Kano not out of choice but compulsion, to catch a flight. President Jonathan lamented this much at the same occasion when he stated thus:

There was a very good reason for the decision to confer international status on this airport. As I am sure you all know, Enugu is the gateway to the South East Region, the home of entrepreneurship in Nigeria. With such a large number of enterprising people with a huge propensity to travel both within and outside the country pursuing various business interests, people of this region have always had to travel first, either to Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja or Kano in order to be able to travel out of the country on business trips.

” As business people, speed and time are of the essence. Thus the ability to travel directly to your destination abroad or as directly from your base as possible, increases the speed of your transactions by reducing the time you spend traveling to and from there. The same applies to goods procured abroad and air-freighted into the country for business purposes. The more directly imported goods can be air-freighted to the region for its businessmen and women, the faster their goods and products can get to the market”.


The President could not have said it more succinctly. Interestingly, all this lamentation and agony is over. Ethiopian airlines, taking full advantage of world-class infrastructure at the airport, has banished all that agony and misery to the trash can of history as a whole new experience unfolds.

For a people known for their industry and enterprise, the opportunities which this international airport offer for the socio-economic development of the region are huge and boundless. With a large population of international businessmen and entrepreneurs, the zone could not have asked for anything better. Gone are the days when businessmen from the zone would endlessly agonize how; having cargoed or ferried their goods from far-flung parts of the globe to either Lagos or Abuja, would face the fresh Herculean task of clearing and moving them, mostly by road to the South East. Additional expense had been incurred, goods and lives even lost in this highly perilous journey from Lagos and Abuja to the east. With Ethiopian airlines now offering direct international flights from Enugu to almost any destination in the globe, the world is truly in the pocket of the South East. A new dawn is here. The world has in fact come to the east!

That is not all, neither is it even scratching the surface. The multiplier effect of the value chain that would be created as businesses spring up in and around the airport and the city of Enugu beats every imagination. The commercial offerings would not only boost the economy of the zone but also create thousands of jobs. The hospitality industry in the area is sure to witness a resurgence and boom. Commerce, which is the major preoccupation of the peoples of this zone would begin to boom as the Onitsha and Ariaria International market, Aba begin to play host not only to the local folks, but also to a wider international business community. This is also not talking about the huge opportunity for easy export of manufactured and agricultural goods. The local manufacturer in the remotest part of Aba and Nnewi and the rural farmer in Arochukwu would be exposed to the international markets as flights take off and land in Enugu from all corners of the globe. The possibilities are indeed endless, with the airport amongst the 13 also designated as perishable cargo airports in the country.

The vision of Mr President could not have seen the light of day without the drive and boundless energy of the Minister, Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah. Under her watch, the entire aviation sector in Nigeria has been transformed from the once neglected, rustic and decrepit landscape to sprawling, edifying and dignifying architectural show-pieces that compare favourably with airport terminals anywhere in the world. But as Oduah has consistently maintained, what we are witnessing today in Enugu is just the beginning; more and more landmarks are underway. From what we have seen so far, we have no reason to doubt her.

For Ethiopian airlines that placed the bet on Akanu Ibiam International airport, Enugu, we can only wish it to fly higher. Surely, it won't be long before other international airlines followed the Ethiopian example. For now, we cannot but agree with Mr President that the South East region is indeed "Open to the world for Business".
Joe Obi