NIS Recruitment: Applicants Sues FG,Morro And Others,Asks For 1M Naira Compensation Each


Candidates hustling for exam question papers
Four of the applicants in the just cancelled immigration recruitment exercise, on behalf of themselves and others who participated, have filed a suit against the federal government, seeking among others, a refund of their application fees.

They also asked the court to declare that the conduct or the execution of the recruitment exercise was illegal, unwarranted and in violation of the their fundamental rights to life.

The plaintiffs, who filed the suit at the registry of the court, brought the application under Sections 33,34, and 44 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) and the equivalent articles of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Right.

Also joined as respondents in the suit were the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, the Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, the NIS and its Comptroller General, David Shikfu Parradang.

The applicants, Charles Ugwuonye, Friday Danlami, Chinedu Onwuka and Samson Ojo through their counsel, Emeka Ugwuonye, among other things want the court to declare the recruitment exercise illegal and restrain the NIS from spending the money realised from the recruitment exercise.

They also want the court to order the respondents to refund the recruitment money back to the applicants, pay the sum of N1million to each applicant and N50million to deceased applicants as general damages.

They also want the court to declare that the conduct or the execution of the recruitment exercise is illegal, unwarranted and in violation of the applicants’ fundamental rights to life, right to protection from inhuman and degrading treatment, right to dignity of the human person, right against discrimination on the basis of the circumstances of birth and right against unlawful taking of the property of a person; under Sections 33, 34, 42 and 44 of the Constitution (as amended), and the equivalent Articles of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights.

They also want the court to declare that the respondents, particularly the Minister of Interior and Comptroller General of the NIS owed a duty of honesty and candor to them regarding the true purpose and intention behind the exercise.

The court was also asked to declare that the respondents, particularly the Minister of Interior and the Comptroller General of the NIS have a duty to superintend the recruitment exercise in a safe and healthy manner with due consideration to lives and wellbeing of those who applied for or participated in the exercise.

The applicants further want an order declaring that the NIS 2014 recruitment exercise was carried out in a manner that was motivated by greed and corrupt intentions and without any realistic plan to offer the applicants employments.

Also they want an order declaring that the respondents do not have the power to appropriate any funds raised by them from the recruitment exercise but must remit such funds to the Federation Account.

In addition, the applicants want the court to make an order directing the respondents to issue a written apology to them.

The apology should be published in five Nigerian newspapers and on the main website of the NIS.



Tony Kanu: Did Some Igbos Naively Join The “CRUCIFY HER !” Chants Too Early?


The Stella Oduah forged certificate saga is still ongoing barely some months after the bullet proof cars saga simmered down ! I have been keenly following her story and in all honesty,it is getting more interesting and intriguing as ots quite évident now that Stella our amiable aviation minister is being hounded by some powerful cabals who uses the services of sahara reporters ,an online media house to destroy and tarnish her image . But,believe me the truth is unfolding gradually as pointers is showing that she is being framed. Catching my exact thought is the write up of Mr. Tony Kanu . Gracious Grace

From Tony Kanu :
In the past few days, the unsavoury story abuzz has been that of Nigeria’s Aviation Minister Ms Stella Oduah and she’s once again placed on butchers’ slabs of print, electronic & social media outlets; But this time for alleged certificate forgery and not for purchase of ‘wonder-on-wheels’ bullet-proof SUVs.

The aforesaid ‘butchers’ are the same group of
Yoruba smear mongers & ‘Anti-Jonathan/Igbo’
media outlets like Sahara Repoters, Premium Times, Osun Defender et al that work tirelessly to rubbish the so-called “Pro-Igbo Jonathan administration” and obviously doing the malicious damages for the opposition & the Yoruba cabal in Nigeria’s Aviation sector; A cabal that have for many years held down the Aviation sector, prior to Oduah’s appointment and being adjudged as the best Aviation Minister in recent times by ardent Aviation sector watchers.

Now the big question for us as the Igbo and the
obvious antagonism the South East geopolitical zone now face for ‘UNUSUALLY’ having some key positions in Nigeria since President Jonathan’s emergence is, “Why did some of the Igbo join them too early in yelling & chanting “CRUCIFY HER!!!”, when the appropriate quarters or institution in question never confirmed she actually forged her certificate and when we know this may just be another propagandists’ attempt to do the dirty job for the opposition or the aforementioned cabal?

Are we going to always pretend some ethnicities in the Nigerian set-up don’t strive on tribalism &
assassination of character to achieve certain goals? And the fact that most happenings/political appointments/have been based on ethnic sentiments? A situation where certain individuals from a section of the Country may feel its their ‘Birthright’ to hold down certain positions/Ministries. Have we as the Igbo forgotten so soon that Ndi-Igbo in positions of power at the Federal level have always been targets of smear campaigners from the North & West even before Goodluck Jonathan, whom they ludicrously accuse of favouritism for Ndi-Igbo, became President? How many of these ugly instances have we forgotten so soon? Are we going to allow ourselves be used as their extended agencies for the destruction of our own Igbo kith in power when we know its still the same old anti-Igbo elements at work?

This is realism and it amounts to self-denial if any Igbo chose to or failed to view the current Stella Oduah saga first with tribal lens, owing to Nigeria’s ethnic inclinations on all fronts.

It also amounts to gullibility of some Igbo themselves that joined the Igbo antagonists, detractors & the known Igbo-haters, in this ‘Stella Oduah condemnation’ without concrete evidence & proper confirmation from the appropriate quarters just as the same ‘Sahara liars’ have now shamefully changed the story.

Believe it or not, Ndi-Igbo are at cold-war in the
Nigerian contraption and the moment we begin to realize this, we’d all have better understanding of what we are facing & better approach if we still wish to be relevant as major players like the other ethnicities from the North, West & recently the South- South.

I am not in support of bad deeds whatsoever owing to tribal bearings but as Igbo and the years of betrayed trust, attacks & marginalisation of the Igbo tribe by our co-inhabitants that don’t hide their hatred for the Igbo, we should never fall for their ‘stories’ hook, line & sinker. We should always look before we leap.

I hope Ms Stella Oduah will take legal actions against Sahara Reporters immediately & claim damages that will see them run out of their malicious business of character assassination & smear reportage.

I guess some Igbos will learn from this and cease subconsciously aiding Igbo detractors against Ndi-Igbo.

Tony Kanu

Hmmmmmmm This is really getting more hotter by the day!!

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His love and passion for his kids was something that had endeared me to him and his frankness when it comes to the issues of his relationship and of course remarrying is always quite amazing!

Barr.Emeka Ugwuonye,a seasoned human right activist and law practictioner had through this medium on his facebook wall expressed his innermost self in all honesty. Hear Him:

“Of course, one of the most frequently avoided question from my friends and relatives is when I am going to get married again. It is a question frequently avoided. But I still know it is there on the minds of those close to me. And sometimes, I just wish they could ask, rather than pretend they are not thinking about it.

Today, I got into an inbox with a very good friend of mine and a former classmate. He is a fine chap and has done quite well for himself. He has married before too in Europe and has a child that is either a teenager or close to being a teenager. He got married (again) in Nigeria in April of this year.

When I heard about his wedding, I was happy for him but I felt that someone in my camp had left me behind. But I also wondered how my friend managed to escape from the addiction of being befriended by many beautiful women, and to say goodbye to all those nice girls. In other words, I wondered how he managed to make the decision. I said this because like me, I knew he would not cheat on his wife once married. The fact, unknown to many, is that those men who have had tremendous access to beautiful women when they were single are likely to be the most faithful husbands. For them, there is really nothing to explore again after they are married.

But making a decision could be very very difficult. And why is that? Because a truly sophisticated man understands the meaning of marriage. He understands that his wife would be an equal partner and that he would not be allowed to cheat on her. Because marriage is such a big commitment to them, they are usually slow to make the decision. But my friend did eventually make a decision. I had seen him in the past with extremely beautiful and talented women when he was single. But he gave it all up. I envied him.

Today in an inbox, my friend teased me. He said he noticed a lot of beautiful women who are my friends on Facebook. I admitted that and we began to talk about his case. In fact, his wife just gave birth to a beautiful baby. I told him how slow and scared I have been to make a decision, even though I believe I am about to. He encouraged me. I told him my worst fears about marriage – the possibility of creating a widow who would have to struggle without me. I told him I don’t want to make anyone a widow, and that I just don’t know what I am going to do about it. I told him that in making my choices, I must consider who would be able to survive as a widow in a hostile environment.

Further, I explained to my friend that I did not have the money to ensure that if my wife were to become a widow soon, I would be able to provide any protection for her economically and the children. I told him that I had lost all my money in my fight against the Nigerian Government, which is not yet over. And my friend wrote back as follows:

“You are a smart and resourceful lawyer, you will turn another corner of massive wealth soon. This is Nigeria. You should look for a woman pretty enough to intrigue you and smart enough to counsel you in certain matters, while catering for you at home as a true great woman. The rest I believe will be taken care of by God”

I was stunned by the words of my friend. He certainly has an extraordinary power to convey meanings. “…a woman pretty enough to intrigue [me] and smart enough to counsel [me] in certain matters…” That is it – pretty enough to intrigue me and smart enough to counsel me.

I think from the above, I found the definition I have been looking for for my woman. She is intriguing and brilliant.

Just sharing a very personal thought with my friends. I really wanted to be intrigued and that was what informed my choice”

This is simply splendid!

TEARS OF A WIDOW: Due Process Advocates wades into Chioma Odilinye’s pathetic case


She cried and wept but no one cared nor listened as they held her down and shaved off her hairs in the most cruel manner ever known

20130819-110708.jpg Late Onyebuchi’s wife made to sit on her husband’s grave with her wailing son!
We all are quite familiar with the story of Mrs.Chioma Odilinye,the widow who had been subjected to untold hardships,ill treatments and been tormented by the relatives of her dead husband and also risks being totally edged out together with her son, from the estate of her husband. It is a sad and pathetic tale of sorrow,violation of human rights and gender discrimination.

It is worthy to note that ” Barr. Emeka Ugwuonye, no doubt one of the most daring and articulate human right lawyer in Nigeria today, has waded into her case.

As a sign that he would be putting his big shoes down on the side of the poor widow, Ugwuonye addressed the members of the FB Group, The Due Process Advocates (DPA) !

DPA Barr.Emeka Ugwuonye
Some excerpts from Barr.Emeka’s address:
“Earlier today, I brought to your attention the case of a widow and a mother, Mrs. Chioma Odilinye, who is facing oppression in the hands of the relatives of her late husband. Like in all cases, we start with investigation and due diligence to evaluate the credibility of the initial information we receive. I have been on that preliminary step since the past few hours. I am satisfied that we have a genuine case of deprivation of rights and perpetration of injustice, which we must redress”.
“In view of the real danger of a rapid dissipation of the assets of her husband, it will be necessary that a petition be filed on Tuesday for the enforcement of the lady’s fundamental rights. We shall be seeking by ex parte proceedings an injunction to restrain the family from disposing of the assets of the woman’s husband. We chose to proceed by way of fundamental enforcement because the woman has suffered a number of right violations. First, she has been subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment by being force-shaved in public. She and has son have been similarly forced to squat or sit on the grave of her husband (as in the picture here) all as acts of intimidation and cruelty.

Further, with the death of her husband, as the surviving wife in the absence of a will, she needed to obtain letters of administration and have the estate of her husband duly adjudicated. That would be the due process to which she and her son would have been entitled. That due process right includes a right to be heard by a court of competent jurisdiction under the constitution. She has been deprived of the right to fair hearing. She has also been held against her will, constituting a deprivation of right to liberty. At the moment, the family of her husband has indicated a determination to get her out of the way if she posed any obstacle to their effort to steal her husband’s property. So, it is fair to assert that her right to life is in danger and needs to be protected”EU

Further angles to the case been a “murder claim” had also been brought up by one Ikem Okuhu on his facebook wall.

#Facebook news feed by Ikem Okuhu#
COULD ONYEBUCHI ODILINYE HAVE BEEN KILLED BY HIS BROTHER? Click the link for full story: and share your views here with us.

What Chioma is passing through today in the hands of her inlaws is one of the many plights that Nigerian women especially widows faces in their husband’s families when they lost their husbands to death. It is time we all arise and raise our voice high to SAY NO TO VICTIMISATION OF WIDOWS. All the barbaric cultures and traditions that permits widows been subjected to abuses like drinking of the dead corpse water,hair shaving,lying in same room with the dead,consfication of properties of the dead,abandoning the wife/children, and what have you should be abolished.
We are pleading to all well meaning Nigerians to come to Chioma’s aid and all other widows in her shoes and the Nigerian Government to protect the rights of our women!
We cry for justice! We cry for Due Process to fair hearing!

“Widows are among the most abused groups in Nigeria. There exist customs that have been used as excuses. But the fact is that no custom is greater than the constitution. So, custom can no longer be blamed for the abuse of the widows, just as customs cannot be blamed for the rampant corruption in Nigeria. What is happening is that greedy and criminal minded people are just using the custom as an excuse for their acts of criminality” Barr. Emeka Ugwuonye.

20130819-115020.jpg Ikem Okuhu

20130819-120812.jpg Gracious Grace
Stay tuned as the events to this case unfolds and GG Blog shall surely keep you posted! Happy new week Pals!


Mrs Bianca Ojukwu

Mrs Bianca Ojukwu

Femi Fani Kayode had been on the news for weeks now with so many articles and comments about Igbos and this war of words had been ongoing with several counter attacks from Igbos ,all this issues arising because of deportation of Igbos from Lagos! But his recent article about the Igbo women he had had INTIMATE relationships had been quite shocking and unbelievable!! What do you think is the motive behind his comments?

Excerpts from FFK’s article:
“I was not a tribalist when I had a long-standing and intimate relationship with Miss Bianca Onoh, an igbo lady, who later married Colonel Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu the leader of Biafra and who is now our Ambassador in Spain. I was not a tribalist when I had a long-standing and intimate relationship with Miss Chioma Anasoh, another igbo lady, who I almost married. I was not a tribalist when I had a long-standing and intimate relationship with Miss Adaobi Uchegbu, another igbo lady, who was exceptionally close to me and who is now a leading figure at the National Headquarters of the ruling PDP.” By Femi Fani-Kayode.

Responding to his comments,Barr.Emeka Ugwuonye, a Human Rights Lawyer based in United States of America has this to say:

“In an earlier reaction to other Fani-Kayode’s strivings, I had taken the simple view that Femi Fani-Kayode should not be taken seriously. I figured that he lacked honor and integrity. I figured also that he did not and could not have represented any group really, and indeed, that he was a mockery to the richness of the culture and class that the people of the Western Nigeria have been known for.

The recent statement by Fani-Kayode, in which the above quoted remark is contained, clearly dismisses of any hope that I might be wrong in my assessment of the man. The reality about Fani-Kayode seems to be far worse than I could have argued – that he may not be well. Otherwise, it is almost unheard of that a man would publicly proclaim that he had intimate relationships with women who later got married to other men, and goes forward to identify such women. Only a sick man would do that in such a fashion.

Fani-Kayode’s intentions and motives are clear: He intended to actually mock the Igbo people by suggesting to them that he once had a long-standing affair with the widow of their hero. And his emphatic reference to Ojukwu with his pre-1967 military rank of Colonel, which would have been totally unnecessary, is equally remarkable. If anyone really had to insult the Igbos, it would appear that one good way to do it is to make this kind claim and statement. For that motive factor alone, an intelligent mind must treat Fani-Kayode’s claims with considerable doubt. Any man with such combination of megalomaniacal tendencies and instability and silliness of the mind would be tempted to link himself amorously to an icon such as Bianca. Laughingly enough, I could imagine that Femi Fani-Kayode similarly had a “long-standing relationship” with Jacqueline Kennedy before she married JFK. Consistent with his hatred for the Igbos, simply set out to insult them indirectly by insulting Ojukwu and his family.

But note that Femi Fani-Kayode admitted some crucial facts about himself, by implication? He admitted that while some decent women might have taken him at the first impression, probably on the basis of his family name, they quickly dumped him when they learned the type of person he is – unreliable, untrustworthy monger of hate and a blackmailer. Hence, each presumably “long-standing relationship” ended up in nothing. And he must have been so elevated by such relationships that he carries them on the front page of his resume.

As for the main issues, from which Fani-Kayode conveniently deviated, his hatred for the Igbo people was not a product of some fanciful assumptions or claims. He stands adjudged by his own words and behavior. If intelligent, he would have known that he could never prove those allegations in his favor by spitefully listing all the Igbo women he might have dated in his life. On the contrary, his acts of desperation mere confirm the allegations, and went further to raise serious doubts about his mental health conditions.

I end my remarks as I began: no honorable man would list publicly the names of women he had affairs with in the past. If true, each such affair would have been a private and confidential matter between him and each woman. Why make it public, if not to spite and hurt those women and their families? He showed no respect for the rights of these women and aimed to subject them to abuse. He has no respect for women regardless of their ethnicity or race. That is despicable, to put it mildly” Barr. Emeka Ugwuonye

What makes a man to go public with the names of ladies he had dated? Do men kiss and tell? What law protects the rights and privacy of women in Nigeria? What will be your reaction and feelings if your name happens to be among those ladies mentioned? Share your views and opinions!

Femi Fani Kayode

Femi Fani Kayode

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Remembering the lady who was gang raped and buried alive in Bonny Island! (Horrific Video)

Do you still remember watching this video some months back or hearing about the story contained herein? Have you ever wondered aloud the fate of the brutal and wicked murderers of the young lady whose life was snuffed out in the prime of her youth in the most horrific manner by her rapists? Am yet to hear anything about the case !

Viewers discretion is highly advised as you watch this video. The content of the video took place in 2012, where a Nigerian lady was raped by a group of men in Bonny Island, Rivers State but the video went rival sometime in April this year.

After raping her, the men tied her hands and legs before burying her alive. 12 hours after she was buried, the Nigerian army got to know about the incident, and the video shows the culprits and the JTF exhuming her corpse.

Unfortunately the lady was already dead by then.

After watching the horrific video months back,I woke up today sad and angry as I stumbled on the video again. Thoughts of her ordeal and subsequent murder filled my mind as am sure that her blood is crying out for vengeance wherever she is!
Please can someone tell me that her brutal death had been avenged and the culprits dealt with according to the law! Am waiting!!
Babe,may your soul continue resting in peace!

Young Lady's dead body been exhumed by her murderers

Young Lady’s dead body been exhumed by her murderers

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