This looks more like my first marriage; Nuella is my missing rib’ – Tchidi Chikere


Nollywood movie director, Tchidi Chikere, who got married to actress Nuella Njubigbo this past Saturday in an interview with Encomium magazine said Nuella is his missing rib and that members of his family have accepted her as a wife.

“I have the support of my family, who have fully accepted Nuella. Having concluded all the traditional rites, she is now with me in Mbaise. My people have given her wrappers and taken her to the farm. We are so, so happy. This looks more like my first marriage. Infact, Nuella is my missing rib ” he told the mag

The couple are currently at his base in Mbaise, Imo State.





But what kinds of kisses do men like best?

Kissing is never boring. In fact, it’s practically a crime if you don’t like it; after all kissing is one of the most fun things to do with your partner! All those special kisses: the first kiss, the ones that make butterflies fly in your stomach; passionate kisses that you yearn for when you’re apart, they’re the stuff that relationships are made off.

But if you feel your kissing style has become a bit monotonous, then why not try these, which promise to bring back the fun factor into your relationship. Even if you’re in sync with your partner, he’ll be blown away with these sexy kisses.

1. The French kiss
There’s way too much hype about this kiss, but for a really good reason! Anyone who has tried it will tell you how good it is, but you got to do it right, otherwise things get sloppy.

How to: It’s an open mouth kiss that requires you to use your tongue. Open your mouth and gently open your partner’s mouth by using your tongue. Move your tongue playfully inside your partner’s mouth. Then if your partner responds in the same way, turn the gentle kiss more passionate and slightly more aggressive if you want things to heat up.
2. The single-lip kiss
This is a more romantic kiss. It’s sweet and seductive, and very pleasurable.

How to: The whole point is to take your partner’s upper or lower lip between your lips and gentle suck on it. Then you can do the same for the other lip as well. It requires you to be gentle with your partner. Don’t nibble on his lip.


3. The vampire kiss
So what if you’re not a vampire! It doesn’t mean you can’t try this kiss. After all, don’t all those vampire flicks send tingles down your spine (in a good way) especially when they kiss a human (think Edward Cullen and Bella Swan)? It’s just so turning on!

How to: Start with kissing your man on his lips, then let your tongue slide towards his neck. From there on you can suck on his neck or lightly bite it as well. A man’s neck is more sensitive than you think, and he always has a sweet point. So all you need to do is find said point and kiss it to turn him on.



4. The heart-pumping kiss
This kiss should be spontaneous and fun. It’s all down to giving your partner a surprise.

How to: Don’t let your partner know you’re going to give him a kiss, catch him by surprise and kiss him slowly and gently, then switch to a faster and more aggressive pace and just when he starts responding, switch back to the slow mode.


5.The Spiderman kiss
Spiderman made this kiss more famous than even himself!

How to: The type of kiss involves smooching your partner whose face is upside down from yours, so your bottom lip kisses his top lip and vice versa.


Estranged Wife Of Mercy Johnson’s Husband Speaks From Canada


Former wife of Odianosen Okojie (Mercy Johnson’s husband) said she has moved on after the debacle that saw the father of her two children move on with very popular actress — Mercy Johnson.

Lovely who is in her early 30s maintained the episode which made her husband go for another woman is now history.

She had maintained a deafening silence for long until Saturday, March 15, 2014, when she spoke with Encomium weekly from her base in Canada.

“I have no explanation to anybody. Life is full of ups and downs. I have accepted my fate.”

A source close to her revealed to Encomium weekly that she (Lovely) is still very much bitter about what happened to her marriage to Prince Okojie.

“She is still bitter. She felt betrayed. She is not thinking of another marriage now, she is yet to recover from the past experience.”

Lovely came to public consciousness when she raised the alarm in 2011 that the man actress Mercy Johnson was planning to marry was actually her legal husband.

At this time, preparations towards the wedding was going on with the super star actress shopping for her wedding in Europe; when everything seemed to be going smoothly, Lovely dropped the bombshell with pictures of her marriage to Okojie to back up her claim.

There was a slight setback and when many had thought the setback would truncate the marriage plans, the lovebirds, Odia Okojie and Mercy Johnson presented a united front.

They were married at the Christ Embassy Church, Oregun, Lagos on Saturday, August 27, 2011, amidst tight security.

The couple have been blessed with a child (Purity) while they are expecting another one, according to reports in some section of the media.


Relationship Corner:Dealing With A Cheating Partner



He cheated. Now what? If you’ve recently discovered your spouse was unfaithful, your head is probably spinning. To help you handle the initial shock and avoid an anxiety-induced meltdown, we’ve put together six survival strategies for dealing with a cheater.

For expert input, we turned to argument and affairs expert Sharon Rivkin, author of Breaking the Argument Cycle: How to Stop Fighting Without Therapy. She outlines six steps to follow when you first find out your partner has cheated.
Take deep breaths

Finding out that your partner has cheated can be a serious shock, especially if you didn’t suspect or see it coming. Ward off panic by taking some really deep breaths, Rivkin advises. This may seem like an overly simplistic first step, but it’s an extremely effective way to help shift from panic mode to functionality. Unless you breathe deeply, you’re going to continually feed your panic and it will be much harder to calm down. “When you’re not breathing deeply, your brain is deprived of oxygen and your body tenses, feeding the cycle,” she explains. “The probability of making bad decisions increases.”

Confront the cheater
Depending on how you found out, you need to confront the cheater. Sitting on the information isn’t going to make you feel any better, but how you choose to deal with the betrayal is an individual decision. Who you are, how you found out, what your relationship is like with your partner, how much shock you’re in, etc., will all be factors that lead you to decide what you want to do right after you’ve found out that your partner is cheating, explains Rivkin. “Your whole world has fallen apart, similar to experiencing an earthquake or natural disaster, so do what your instincts dictate,” she says. “Do not judge or be hard on yourself for whatever you choose to do.”

Think about logistics
Even though you’re in the midst of a relationship crisis, life still goes on. Things need to get done (going to work, getting the kids to school, chores), but it can all feel like a huge task. “Nothing comes easily right now,” Rivkin says. Feeling overwhelmed is normal, but don’t let that feeling overtake your day-to-day life, especially if you have kids.
If you have kids, and if they see you crying and/or fighting, let them know immediately that it has nothing to do with them.
If you feel immobilized and simply can’t drive your kids to school and/or their activities, make arrangements for them until you feel you are okay to drive.
“Remember, you’re in crisis mode, so be kind to yourself by getting some temporary help with basic functioning,” says Rivkin.

Create a support team
Because of the deep damage to trust that this kind of betrayal brings, it’s important that, if you can afford it, you find a good therapist and get help as soon as possible. “I’ve discovered that the couples who seek help the quickest after an affair have the best recovery results,” Rivkin says. Good therapy can help a couple determine their direction (to stay or go) and whether trust can be rebuilt or not. In addition to seeking professional help, creating your support team will be a huge help. “Your team and connections will help you survive and recover from the affair quicker,” she explains. “Carefully assess your relationships with others to figure out who you think will be the most understanding, nonjudgmental and supportive person.”

Ask questions
After you’ve confronted your partner about the affair, tons of questions will flood your mind (Why didn’t I know? Why didn’t I trust my intuition? Why did this happen?). It’s through asking questions and feeling all your feelings that the healing starts, Rivkin says. “The questions and their answers are the first step to piecing together what happened to your relationship.” It’s important to look at the history and the patterns of your relationship and begin to understand where the breach of trusting each other really started.
Create a plan of no action
Most people usually have the tendency to want to take some kind of action right after discovering a cheating partner. It may help for the moment, but because you’re in crisis, your judgment can be impaired, so it’s wise not to make any big decisions at this time, Rivkin explains. Instead, make the smaller decisions first: Get a therapist, read a book, talk to your support system, do some writing and do some talking with your partner. “You will ultimately have some major decisions to make as to what direction you want your relationship to go, but these decisions will be made with time and clarity,” she says. So for now, don’t make any major decisions.

Source: Jessic Padykula


Men’s Corner:Top Eight Reasons Men Fall Out of Love


You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling. Now, it’s  gone, gone, gone. Sometimes a man wakes up to find that it is gone. He’s no longer in love. Here are eight of the most common reasons why.

1.He doesn’t sense that you’re in his corner.

Men place a very high value on loyalty. He needs to know that you’re in his corner – his foxhole. When the bullets are flying overhead and life is tough, he needs a woman who has his back. If he’s pulling away and lost that loving feeling, it could be because he feels that during important times you weren’t the loyal partner he needs.

2.One Word: Incompatibility

Over time compatibility matters in a relationship. It is possible for some period of weeks or months to paper over poor compatibility. You just do things you both love, or don’t talk about certain topics, or focus on fun and hide certain sides of your personality. It can make two people seem perfect together. But eventually, life and reality must come calling. The fact that he is a spender and you’re a saver starts to matter. The fact that he is religious and you aren’t starts to matter. All the significant differences start to present themselves and often one or both partners will just emotionally throw up their hands and say, “I’m not into this relationship anymore.”


3.You require a great deal of maintenance.

I often see on the eHarmony Advice boards comments from women like, “Yes, I’m high maintenance, and I’m worth it.” My instant thought when I see that is, “No, you’re not worth it. No one is.” If you’re a real high maintenance woman, most normal men will wonder if they want to pull a life sentence working to make you happy. And those who think that your demanding ways won’t matter typically feel differently after some months or years. Working so hard to get the approval of a partner can make him lose that loving feeling.


4.He stops feeling admired.

Many therapists and psychologists have written about how women desire to be cherished and men desire to be admired. For some reason the notion that a woman might admire her man is off-putting to some women. But it is so important to his attraction. A man who senses that he cannot earn your admiration slowly starts to lose interest in the relationship.

5.You’re the face of bad news.

It happens over time. It happens subconsciously. If every time you see your guy you’re holding bad news, he starts to associate you with bad news. Does that sound fair? It’s not fair, but it’s a real problem that can cause him to have less enthusiasm for the relationship. It’s unrealistic to avoid sharing important and unpleasant news, but it’s vital that you proactively take measures to not become the face of bad news. Talk about the best times to share this kind of information and create special times, like dinner, when bad grades, late mortgages, and hostile bosses are verboten.


6.Business in the front. Business in the back.

If you’re in a relationship and you’re sharing any of the responsibilities of life (i.e. money, children, a home), it’s easy for your couple’s interaction to be reduced to a series of business conversations. You are business partners, there’s no changing that, but the key is being mindful of when you talk business and when you just relax and enjoy each other. It’s hard to be passionately in love with a person who is always talking about big, serious, important things. Make time for fun and playful conversation to create balance in the relationship.

7.He sees you more as a mom and less as a lover.

Most of the items on this list give you strategies for changing your behavior to help keep your partner engaged. Not this one. There are men who were taught that certain kinds of women are moms and certain kinds of women are lovers. They have a very difficult time reconciling the two. If you have a guy that feels less attracted to you because of your role as a mom, he’s got some work to do. It’s probably best handled by a professional counselor. Of course he sees you more as a mom and less as a lover.
.Of course, it’s important that a woman balance her roles of wife and mom, but if you are and he’s still feeling less loving, it’s his issue to fix.

8.Your relationship wasn’t properly rooted.

If the relationship with your guy started with a drunken hook-up, moved on to a casual but intense sexual connection, had a short pause in the land of “I love you”, and is now feeling distant and uncoupled, maybe your “relationship” was never what you thought. Feelings of infatuation are strong, and can make us think, “Wow. This is real love!” But without some underpinning of compatibility, people just tend to lose interest and drift apart.


By eharmony Staff

Relationships: Sharing Your Love Story!

Love they say is a beautiful feeling and can simply happen in the most unusual of places,hope you do agree with me?

I’ve had cause to meet so many lovers and couples who had one or two wonderful stories of how and where they met their spouses and hearthrobs,believe me its really romantic to hear.

Lady Cynthia has this brief story to tell!

“Really this word called LOVE is unfathomable and incomprehensible. I met my husband of seven years now at the busstop. That fateday day, I was at the park as early as 5.30am to get a bus to my office somewhere Lekki,Lagos State and by 6.15am i was yet to get one as there was scarcity of fuel that period. I was getting agitated and frustrated because i was supposed to resume by 7am and i still have the heavy traffic to contend with.


When all hope of getting a bus had failed,i resigned to my fate and started walking down the road,hoping for a miracle. Suddenly a bus stopped behind me and a young man looking impecable on his black suit beckoned on me to come. Wonderingly,i stepped closer and he offered to share his seat in the bus with me after enquiring where i was heading to. Honestly,i was pleasantly suprised but declined as the passengers were already protesting . Quietly, he came down from the bus and asked me to take over his seat so that he will get another one. Wooooow! I was more than suprised . While seating down and expressing my graritude to him,he simply said:” I dont know why i did this though am also late but i believe its destiny”. He gave me his complimentary card as the bus zoomed off.

Hmmmmmm,I kept on thinking about the incident and also about him all through that day and later in the evening, when i called him to express my gratitude, he simply asked me out.

A year into the relationship he proposed to me and i said YES because he was the most sweetest,nicest and romantic guy i’ve ever met in my life. Precisely two years and six months later we got married. I cant help but thank God for my husband and our lovely twins:two baby boys after seven years of blissful Marriage. We are much more comfortable now with our own house and cars and better job all to God’s glory. Anytime i remembered how and where we meet,i knew its destiny at work” Mrs.Cynthia Ibe,Lagos State.
Hmmmmmm really touching Indeed!

Do you have a love story for publication ? Share it with us .

Comments on this topic is highly welcomed!