Wonders:My Father Gave Me N25m After I Caught Him With My Wife On My Matrimonial Bed


Ironically this happened a day after my wife told me that she was carrying my baby. The strange thing is that my father and wife are behaving as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. My father simply got up from my matrimonial bed and ordered me to follow him. He then gave me a cheque of N25m to buy myself a car of my choice while my wife went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

When narrated the whole incident to my mother, she begged me not to fight or say anything about it to anybody. My elder brother who came into my mother’s apartment while I was narrating the incident, laughed and patted me on my shoulders without saying anything. My immediate elder sister, who has refused to come back to Nigeria from London since she left eight years ago, wasn’t surprised by my story. She only told me to take things easy and not try to make trouble with my wife if I valued my life.

I am the last born of three children and the favorite of my father in particular. That night, my mother came into our apartment to take my wife with her. I didn’t sleep throughout the night wondering what strange things were going on in my family. The next day as early as 6a.m., my father came over to my apartment to more or less warn me about trying to make trouble. He told me what I witnessed was beyond me and that it would continue to be the pattern until he got tired. After he left, I ran to my friend’s place who in turn took me to Epe to consult with a spiritualist. The spiritualist, told me that I will learn to live with the situation else I would become insane if I try to challenge my father. He said, not even my mother can challenge my father. He said, my father has gone too far to change and that things have been damaged beyond repairs in the things he has done to us; that it would take the grace of God for my siblings and I to overcome the spiritual problems my father in his quest for power, money and fame has done. He too advised me to continue to tolerate the situation by accepting to live with my wife who he said, was brought into my life by my father for his purpose.

Two days after our visit, the friend that took me to the spiritualist is critically ill in the hospital. Doctors are yet to say what precisely is wrong with him. This has made me very determined to fight my father to a standstill. I want to confront and expose him to all his friends and associates to know who he really is. I am yet to return home after that day. At night I keep seeing my father in my dream telling me to come home for my own good. My mother and elder brother have been relentless on the phone urging me to come back home.

Please help me as I am so confused. I feel sorry for everybody in that house. How do I challenge my father and still be alive to tell my story. I feel so helpless and lost. Do save me.



My fourth Child Belongs to My Former Boss,born again woman Confesses


The confession of a mother of five that her former boss was the biological father of her fourth child is now threatening her 25-year-old marriage. Her husband, 57-year-old Isaac Jemibola, a civil servant, has approached an Ikole Customary Court in Ekiti State, seeking the dissolution of his marriage to the woman, 48-year-old Olayemi.

Jemibola based his divorce plea on the ground that the respondent confessed committing adultery in 2002.
He urged the court in the petition filed on January 21, to grant him custody of the five children from the marriage.
The petition told the court that he married Olayemi in 1989 according to the native law and custom.

According to him, “after retiring to bed on January 19, my wife came to me and knelt down.
She confessed to have had an extramarital affair with her former boss which resulted in the pregnancy of the fourth child.

My wife said she had given her life to Christ and that her desire to make heaven made her confess based on the advice from her pastor.

She added that the paternity of the fourth child was in doubt since both the boss and I slept with her the same week,’’ he said.

Jemibola further told the court that he reported the matter to his parents who pleaded with the woman to reverse her confession.

“She however insisted that she was following the dictates of the Bible.
“I purposely don’t want to do the DNA test because I don’t want to hate the child.’’ he said.

Olayemi admitted committing the offence, but kicked against dissolution of the marriage.
“I did it because Jemibola was befriending another woman during the period which made him abandon me for almost six months.

“It was that same period that my former boss, who normally took me to work in his car, made love advances at me. Both men made love with me at almost the same period.

“After some years, I discovered that the child looked quite different from his siblings and out of guilt, I decided to tell him the truth.

“I pleaded for his forgiveness but he refused,’’ Olayemi said.
In her ruling, the court president, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, said: “In the interest of justice and in the spirit of promoting reconciliation between the two parties, the case will be adjourned till April 7 for report of settlement.’

Abomination: Man who slept with daughters for two years gets 14 years imprisonment


A 35-year-old bus driver, Adeleke Adetayo, who was charged with sleeping with his nine-year-old and 13-year-old daughters, has been sentenced by the Family Court unit of an Ikeja Chief Magistrate’s Court to 14 years imprisonment.

Saturday PUNCH had in July 2013, reported how Adetayo’s two daughters were rescued after a sexual abuse that lasted two years.

Another report was published in December 2013, detailing the children’s life at the Lagos State Children’s Home, where they lamented that they had been scarred for life as a result of the abuse they suffered from their father.

The six-month trial of Adetayo culminated in him finally pleading guilty to sexual assault of his children,Saturday PUNCH learnt.

In her judgement, Chief Magistrate A. Oshoniyi found Adetayo guilty of sexual abuse and child defilement, sentencing him to seven years each for the crime against each child.

The judgment has been hailed by activists and government officials involved in the case, who stated that it was a victory for the Child Rights Act, 2005, which has hitherto been flouted by many criminals.

The Child Rights Act prescribes a sentence of 14 years for a person found guilty of having sexual intercourse with a child.

Director of the Esther Child Rights Foundation, Mrs. Esther Ogwu, who rescued the children and handed them over to the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviationn, hailed the judgment as a message to paedophiles in the state that the law would catch up with them.

She said, “I cannot be happier about how this case turned out. It is not only about the fact that the law has prevailed but that it is now clear that child defilement cases can be effectively prosecuted.

“Anybody who feels that defiling children is their core competence should understand that it is just a matter of time, the law will catch up with them. The lives of those children have been changed forever, their father should spend some time to ruminate about that behind bars.”

Director of Child Services in the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Mrs. Dada Fadairo, who had overseen the case of the children, told our correspondent to call back when she was contacted for comment on the judgment, but she did not pick subsequent calls.

There was no way of reaching the mother of the abused children, Kemi, for comment. The woman who has since remarried in Oyo Stat has remained incommunicado since her children were taken into custody by the state government.

Adetayo is to spend his sentence at the kirikiri prisons.



Really,do you quite agree with it that some men are immature in their marital affairs? If you don’t think so,then maybe some of this points will prove you wrong !!

1) Rejecting food when there’s an issue: Oga husband, you gave your wife money for food and after it was prepared you refused to eat because you dey vex. It’s one of the greatest signs of immaturity, it’s time to grow up!
You should not even abandon your home for any reason, you could go somewhere when angry but ensure that you don’t allow it to linger unnecessarily because that is enough for the devil to build on.

2) Telling your wife severally that you are the head: May I let you know that even when your wife disobeys/ disrespect you she still knows that you are the head. You need not shout or scream it daily. It’s important for you to know when and how to be firm and put your feet down over issues, however don’t become a nagging husband just to prove that you are the head.

3) Issuing threats: beating, verbally abusing your wife, issuing threats of divorce or bragging about marrying another wife does not make you a man. Your strength is in your ability to tame your tongue and control your fist. When she is acting her “childish woman” part, play the “matured man.”

4) Reporting your wife to friends and family: When your wife offends you, correct and talk things through. You don’t have to tell everyone about her mistakes, that will paint her black and sell her cheap such that you will not be able to redeem her back.

5) Keeping malice: is it not funny to know that some men keep malice? Some of them even nag, criticize, abuse and call their wives names in public. It may make you look like a “big boy” who’s in control but you are not going to gain anything good from it, your home will only be a den of insults and confrontations.

6) Not helping with house chores: I must say here that it is the sole responsibility of a woman to tend and manage a home. However, it’s not a bad thing if a man lends a helping hand when necessary.

“Watching football with newspaper in your hand every evening, not caring how stressful the house chores are will only increase the pressure on your wife and if you truly care you’ll help, just checking on her while busy could encourage and sooth her, this also makes you a good example to the kids especially the boys. Some men don’t even say “thank You” to their wives after eating, all they do is compare her with other women. It’s a shame that after having 3-4kids some men cannot change a simple diaper or prepare cereal.

“Lastly, every man should have a church/mosque where his family is watered and raised spiritually. This makes you accountable, it’s immaturity and dangerous to be a sheep without a shepherd. As you learn and grow in the right fold, you’ll be able to take the lead as the head of the home…..”

Double Celebration: Danny and Debby dedicated to God

On 19th January 2014,the family of Mr/Mrs Egbuta (Ebubemba GburuGburu) dedicated their lovely twins babies : boy/girl, Master Daniels and Miss Deborah to God20140202-164502.jpg


Mr/Mrs Egbuta (The Host)

Friends on aso ebi uniform


Papa and Mama Ejima digging it out on the dance floor

suya people at work

Relationships: Sharing Your Love Story!

Love they say is a beautiful feeling and can simply happen in the most unusual of places,hope you do agree with me?

I’ve had cause to meet so many lovers and couples who had one or two wonderful stories of how and where they met their spouses and hearthrobs,believe me its really romantic to hear.

Lady Cynthia has this brief story to tell!

“Really this word called LOVE is unfathomable and incomprehensible. I met my husband of seven years now at the busstop. That fateday day, I was at the park as early as 5.30am to get a bus to my office somewhere Lekki,Lagos State and by 6.15am i was yet to get one as there was scarcity of fuel that period. I was getting agitated and frustrated because i was supposed to resume by 7am and i still have the heavy traffic to contend with.


When all hope of getting a bus had failed,i resigned to my fate and started walking down the road,hoping for a miracle. Suddenly a bus stopped behind me and a young man looking impecable on his black suit beckoned on me to come. Wonderingly,i stepped closer and he offered to share his seat in the bus with me after enquiring where i was heading to. Honestly,i was pleasantly suprised but declined as the passengers were already protesting . Quietly, he came down from the bus and asked me to take over his seat so that he will get another one. Wooooow! I was more than suprised . While seating down and expressing my graritude to him,he simply said:” I dont know why i did this though am also late but i believe its destiny”. He gave me his complimentary card as the bus zoomed off.

Hmmmmmm,I kept on thinking about the incident and also about him all through that day and later in the evening, when i called him to express my gratitude, he simply asked me out.

A year into the relationship he proposed to me and i said YES because he was the most sweetest,nicest and romantic guy i’ve ever met in my life. Precisely two years and six months later we got married. I cant help but thank God for my husband and our lovely twins:two baby boys after seven years of blissful Marriage. We are much more comfortable now with our own house and cars and better job all to God’s glory. Anytime i remembered how and where we meet,i knew its destiny at work” Mrs.Cynthia Ibe,Lagos State.
Hmmmmmm really touching Indeed!

Do you have a love story for publication ? Share it with us at:vipgraciousgrace48@gmail.com .

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