Gosh:And Ladies keep showing their #goodies #online

What is our world turning into for goodness sake? 20140622-181224.jpg

Saying the situation of demoralisation in the world of young folks these days is disheartening will be likened to one of the greatest of totology ever. The advent of the internet has not even made th situation more bearable, as these crazy displays have been made to flow easier and faster, making the culprits more visible to the upcoming ones, thereby administering more confidence like a drug.

Imagine how many pictures similar to the ones above that have been uncovered online. Imagine What damage it would do to the owner of this child that was nurtured to adulthood. Would we comfortably conclude that this flexibility the internet has brought in has done more harm than good?

Yinka Adenihun A.K.A Ferret



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