GG BLOG PHOTO OF THE DAY: Coach Jose Mourinho Celebrating With Chelsea Players At The Second Wonder Goal Against PSG


It was a fierce 94mins match between Chelsea Football Club and PSG.
The match was filled with tension, anxiety and at the sametime excitement both for the players and the supporting fans of both teams.

Personally, i prayed in earnest asking God to grant my team CHELSEA a grand victory and was not in the least lifted even after one first goal knowing fully well we will be off the tournament if we could not make 2-0 goal against PSG who had played us 3-1 earlier and topping us with 3-2 goal aggregate.

It was a moment of joy and happiness when Chelsea at the dying minute scored the second goal , thereby granting us the victory needed for the next level. You can then imagine the joy of our head coach Jose Mourinho running to join the team mates in celebration and jubilation. We return all the glory to Almighty God and pray for more victory in the matches ahead.

Up Blues Forever !


I Love Chelsea

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