Traits Of A Principled Woman As We Celebrate Our Mothers


As we celebrate our mothers today, pause a minute and ask yourself ,AM I A PRINCIPLED WOMAN ? Find out Now!

A principled woman knows who she is in the sight of God and understands her worth.Eph.2:26. She will not allow herself to be mishandled by someone who is a spiritual and emotional pauper. This woman understands” who can find a virtuos woman? for her price is far above the rubies” Prov.31:10. She knows that she is an invaluable jewel and the right discernable eye willl see her worth and act accordingly. Nothing but an equally precious setting will do for her.

A principled woman is not only a woman of unsurpassable character,she’s “got it going on” in every way. Her head, heart and spirit is together, she has developed and actively using her gifts. She is a person who draws others to herself because she has something that everyone wants-She has a certain”joie de vivre,”a joy of life that comes from being comfortable with who she is.

A principled woman knows the promises of God concerning her and keep them close to her heart. She wont settle for less than God’s best for her. See Luke1.45.

A principled woman is a well kept lady. She keeps herself reserved for those things that are deserving of her attention. She doesnt get distracted by or caught up in things that are not edifying or uplifting to herself or to those in her world. She keeps her affections closely guarded and never freely tosses them to the wind in the hopes that someone will catch them. She must understand Proverbs 4:23. Her life demands respect from all who know her.

A first class pilot,a Principled woman soars above negativity and other people’s trivial opinions.She knows where’s she is going and what she wants,and she doesnt land until she sees her destination and get clearance from God.

Moreover, a Principled Woman is quite comfortable flying solo;she knows that she is never really alone. She only want A RIGHTLY QUALIFIED COPILOT TO FILL THE SEAT BESIDE.

Sweet sister,evaluate yourself and your life today and see if you are qualified to be called a principled woman, if not, its not too late, start today and work towards it and remain the star God created you to be.

Gracefully Gracious
Daughter Of Abiriba Kingdom



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