Some victims rescued from the house of horror in the Soka area of Ibadan in Oyo, who have started gradually regaining their sanity, have recounted how they found themselves at the kidnappers den.
Speaking with a Punch reporter, one of the victims, Nafiu Shittu, said he was a busy selling his locally made pile medicine when he was kidnapped and brought into the forest 4 months ago.
“I am a native of Ibadan, living in the Foko area of the city. I sold pile medicine to people. I was doing the business on the day I was kidnapped about four months ago. After going round the area where I had customers, I felt tired and decided to rest in the Gate area. Suddenly, a bus stopped by my side and two men came out and forced me into the back seat of the vehicle. That was all I could remember. When I regained consciousness, I saw myself in a room in the forest, chained to a wall. I was too tired to struggle and as the days passed, I became frail because I was not given anything to eat.”
Nafiu who stressed that he was not a mad man and so was not taken to the horror house for treatment, said he saw dead bodies in the place but couldn’t confirm if they were killed there or not. Continue…

“There were other people, including young and adult women, who cried daily. I saw dead bodies being taken out frequently, but I don’t know if they were killed. Maybe they died of hunger. People moved around the building, but I don’t know if they knew we were there.” Nafiu said
Another victim, Titi Dokpesi said she was in front of her house when she was grabbed by two men.

“I live at Awolowo compound in Oke Bola, Ibadan. I am not mad and I am not an old woman. Two months ago, I was in front of our house when some men grabbed me and said I was under arrest. Before I could protest, I was put in a bus and driven away. We did not go to any police station and I still don’t know how we reached the forest. I had N10,000 with me, but they took it. I am 45 years. In the few months I spent there, I aged quickly for lack of care. We were fed once a week.”
Meanwhile during his visit to the forest on Monday, the Oyo State Governor, Ajimola Ajimobi ordered that the C of O of the forest land be revoked and the place cleared for visibility and easy access. He expressed shock at the situation, saying this was a case of man’s inhumanity to man and ordered a full scale investigation on the matter with a view of bring those involved to book.




  1. I thought they always associate baby factory crimes to Igbos. So The yoruba can commit this type of horrific crime? This is the most wicked action under the sun by human beings. Even slavery is better. To starve human beings created by God to death. I sometimes wonder what kind of purnishment will God give to the perpertrators of this heinous crime that should enter into the Guiness book of records. Even the Nazi holocaust of the world war is childs play. Nigeria we hail thee indeed. The criminals may even buy their freedom, is this not Nigeria?

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