My Life Is No Longer The Same Confesses Naomi Oni,Acid Bath Victim In UK


Acid attack victim, Naomi Oni, claims that her life is no longer normal. The attack, that happened in December 2012, changed hew life. Mary Konye, the one, who attacked her, was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Mary Konye and Naomi Oni
Naomi Oni, aged 21, was scarred for life when one of her friends threw acid on her face just by her home in east London. She told the jury “my life is no longer normal.”

According to the victim impact statement, by Naomi Oni, read out at Snaresbrook Crown Court, she said that she felt suicidal several times after the attack because of her appearance.

Oni suffered burns all over her face and chest, when she was attacked on her way from work, in Dagenham.

The attacker, Mary Konye, aged 21, was found guilty and sentenced for 12 years in January last year.

A CCTV footage captured Mary Konye,wearing a veil, when she was following the Vistoria’s Secret shop assistant, Oni, home from work.

As it was learned during the trial, Konye attacked Oni because she once called her ugly.

After the attack, Oni required skin grafts.

The impact statement by Ms Oni was presented without herself in the court room. She claimed it was very difficult for her to live with her physical appearance since the attack.

According to Oni, this traumatic experience changed her life completely, as she had no idea that her “friend” would do this to her.

MEANWHILE an ad-campaign was launched to support girls and women who feel insecure about some problems with their faces.

Indeed, modern makeup can help you a lot, if you use it wisely!



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