R.I.P To NIS Stampede Victims,We Demand For Answers And Fast Too


Words are not enough to express my anger and disappointment with the horrific Nigeria Immigration Service exercise that turned sour leaving many youths,numbers still uncomfirmed but not less than twenty so far pronounced dead in various states of the federation.
Honestly,am simply loss for words and could imagine what the bereaved families are going through now in their various homes loosing their loved ones all because of unemployment amongst Nigerian graduates and no form of empowerment whatsoever.


After spending years in the university and graduating,doing the compulsory one year NYSC service in various states of the federation, the dream of every Nigerian graduate is to be gainfully employed in any of the companies or organisations, earning decent income and in turn helping their families who must have laboured through thick and thin to see that one graduates,but alas this is not meant to be to be as most of the positions had been occupied by those who- knows-who in the society and even if you must be considered, you will have to drop tons of thousands of naira ranging upto 300,000# and above to get the job , if you’re lucky its not a scam .
Days will roll into months and months into years and yet no sign of getting employment. Sadness will lead to frustration and the will power to survive this harsh reality and for those who cant possibly cope will tend to resort to other illegal and illegimitate means of survival while the perserved ones will either get themselves empowered on their own or with the assistance of families and friends.

The minister of Interior,Abba Moro and the NIgeria Immigration Service (NIS) owe us a lot of explanations. We are calling on His Excellency,Dr.Goodluck Jonathan and the Federal Government of Nigeria to come to the rescue of the youths by providing us with job employments thereby alleviating the sufferings being passed through. We are also demanding that NIS and the Interior Minister Abba Moro to explain to us why the exercise was a total disaster, why they collected 1000# registration fees from thousands of Nigerian youths, why there was no adequate provision of conducive areas for the exercise,and no safety precautions to ensure that lifes are protected.
We demand for justice for the souls of the departed and adequate compensations to their families. May their souls Rest In Perfect Peace Amen.

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