BIZZARE PHOTOS: Woman With Buble Skin Disorder Disowned By Family, Forced To Beg To Survive


A 46 year-old woman from Indonesia has been disowned by her family who are embarrassed by the rare skin condition.

A woman with bubble-like tumours across her body has fled her village after being disowned by her family.

She says all she hopes for is to fully recover so she can “be beautiful like most women.”

Sarotin, 46, from Indonesia, has suffered from the unsightly rare skin condition for three years and is forced to beg in order to make a living.

She has has a local government-funded operation to remove a 70.5kg tumour from her back but the condition is showing signs of growing back.

Half her face has been obscured by a tumour as well as hundreds of smaller ones covering her entire body.

Widowed Sarotin, who has four children, says she could not afford medical treatment in her home village in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.



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