B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G News!!! Taraba Acting Governor Placed Governor Suntai On House Arrest.


**Gov Suntai cannot leave residence without Deputy Governor or Deputy Governor’s approval.
**all flights that would land at the Jalingo airport must first seek and obtain landing clearance from the deputy Governor.

It is disturbing the Dimension taken by the Taraba state Deputy Governor, Garba Umar who holds on to power, and his doing everything under the book to ensure that Governor Danbaba Suntai will not take back his mandate.

It is beyond comprehension the recently announce Riot acts by the Deputy Governor during the state Council meeting, which he bans Governor Suntai from Leaving his official residence without his clearance.

The Deputy Governor’s new rules on Governor Danbaba Suntai includes::
1] That all the security aides of Governor Danbaba Suntai be transferred out of Government House, Jalingo.
2] all visitors to Governor Danbaba Suntai must be approved by the Deputy Governor, the Commissioner of Police or the deputy governor’s younger brother, Babangida.
3] henceforth, apart from Sunday Church services, Deputy governor must approve the governor’s movement within and outside the state.
4] That, henceforth, all flights that would land at the Jalingo airport must first seek and obtain landing clearance from the deputy Governor.
4a] letters to implement this directive has been written and forwarded to the Airport Controller by Garvey Yawe, the SSG to the Deputy Governor.
5] “That the SSG and Chief of Staff appointed by Gov Suntai should be banned from entering the Govt House Jalingo to stop any direct contact with Suntai.

It is shocking that Nigerians are silent over this generational disaster happening in Jalingo under various disguise by the state Deputy governor.

It is a common knowledge that Governor Suntai had an accident and was away for nearly 10 months.
*We were told that he was brain dead, but it have been proved that Gov Suntai reads, Write and converse intelligently with people.
*We were told that Suntai was in a vegetative state, but we have seen the governor walking, as his wounds are fast healing.
*The deputy governor and his Team posted a fake/doctored video, portraying Gov Sunati saying that he is not in position to go back to work. Fake Video now confirmed to have been produced by Mr Umar’s Team
*The speaker of Taraba who was shocked seeing Suntai coming back to Nigeria alive and kicking, swear that, “it will be over his dead body to see Suntai coming back as Taraba governor”, died few days later, after Governor Suntai send a letter that he is ready to resume work
*The deputy Governor have increased the Security vote from N50m to N200m a month and bribing his way to any opinion of reason in the state and outside.
*90% of Governor Suntai commissioners, Advisers, Senior Civil servants have been sack by Deputy Governor, Umar, without pay and he double speaks on his loyalty to Suntai, whom he want his death by any means.

We are appealing that Governor Danbaba Suntai should be allowed to resume work as he is fit to work.
It will be a generational disaster if we create this ugly history in Taraba, which we all know is against the constitution of Nigeria and have no precedence.

Enugu state Governor was sick and stayed nearly a year overseas and on his return, the Deputy governor and his supporters did not block him from resuming work. Enugu state governor is reported to have traveled again for oversea treatment, as he is still sick.

Cross Rivers state Governor was out of Nigeria for about 9 Months and on return to Nigeria, he proceeded to months of holidays/leave to recuperate. The deputy Governor did not block him from resuming or bribing the state House of Assembly to prevent him from taking back his position as the governor of state.

God saved Governor Danbaba Suntai from the jaw of death, it will be evil, if Nigerians allow Suntai to die from the deprivation, heartbreak from humiliations, imprisonment and restrictions from his deputy governor and the compromised State House of Assembly.

We appeal to the President, National assembly and concern Nigeria to ensure that Gov Sunati should go back to work without further hindrance or threat on his life by any one. – Hope For Nigeriia



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