Sunday Special From GG Kitchen:Unripe plaintain with “nchi” meat


The nutritional value of plaintain especially unripe one makes it stand out as a very important addition to any healthy living diet plan. Plaintain, as one of the healthiest foods in the world is reach in low GI carbohydrate,dietary fiber,and vitamins and minerals.
It is of note that unripe plaintain boosts sex life,prevents premature ejaculation,cures diabetes and iron defiency and lots more.

From Our GG Kitchen this sunday afternoon,we hereby present to you our delicious steaming hot meal of unripe plaintain with icefish and “nchi” bush meat garnished with scent leaf, locally called “nchanwu” in Igboland.


Game bush meat is high in Elcosapentaenoic acid,an essential omega-3 Fatty acid that has several health benefits. They have less saturated fat which makes it healthier than other fatty meats. They are also low in calories with compared with beef and pork, grows in a natural environment-making the meat rich in vitamins and minerals,and free from growth hormones which are used in domestic meat and poultry production etc. Thus, game meat is a good source of organic meat .

Freshly killed Nchi used in preparing the unripe plaintain porridge from GG Kitchen.
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