Tony Kanu: Did Some Igbos Naively Join The “CRUCIFY HER !” Chants Too Early?

The Stella Oduah forged certificate saga is still ongoing barely some months after the bullet proof cars saga simmered down ! I have been keenly following her story and in all honesty,it is getting more interesting and intriguing as ots quite évident now that Stella our amiable aviation minister is being hounded by some powerful cabals who uses the services of sahara reporters ,an online media house to destroy and tarnish her image . But,believe me the truth is unfolding gradually as pointers is showing that she is being framed. Catching my exact thought is the write up of Mr. Tony Kanu . Gracious Grace

From Tony Kanu :
In the past few days, the unsavoury story abuzz has been that of Nigeria’s Aviation Minister Ms Stella Oduah and she’s once again placed on butchers’ slabs of print, electronic & social media outlets; But this time for alleged certificate forgery and not for purchase of ‘wonder-on-wheels’ bullet-proof SUVs.

The aforesaid ‘butchers’ are the same group of
Yoruba smear mongers & ‘Anti-Jonathan/Igbo’
media outlets like Sahara Repoters, Premium Times, Osun Defender et al that work tirelessly to rubbish the so-called “Pro-Igbo Jonathan administration” and obviously doing the malicious damages for the opposition & the Yoruba cabal in Nigeria’s Aviation sector; A cabal that have for many years held down the Aviation sector, prior to Oduah’s appointment and being adjudged as the best Aviation Minister in recent times by ardent Aviation sector watchers.

Now the big question for us as the Igbo and the
obvious antagonism the South East geopolitical zone now face for ‘UNUSUALLY’ having some key positions in Nigeria since President Jonathan’s emergence is, “Why did some of the Igbo join them too early in yelling & chanting “CRUCIFY HER!!!”, when the appropriate quarters or institution in question never confirmed she actually forged her certificate and when we know this may just be another propagandists’ attempt to do the dirty job for the opposition or the aforementioned cabal?

Are we going to always pretend some ethnicities in the Nigerian set-up don’t strive on tribalism &
assassination of character to achieve certain goals? And the fact that most happenings/political appointments/have been based on ethnic sentiments? A situation where certain individuals from a section of the Country may feel its their ‘Birthright’ to hold down certain positions/Ministries. Have we as the Igbo forgotten so soon that Ndi-Igbo in positions of power at the Federal level have always been targets of smear campaigners from the North & West even before Goodluck Jonathan, whom they ludicrously accuse of favouritism for Ndi-Igbo, became President? How many of these ugly instances have we forgotten so soon? Are we going to allow ourselves be used as their extended agencies for the destruction of our own Igbo kith in power when we know its still the same old anti-Igbo elements at work?

This is realism and it amounts to self-denial if any Igbo chose to or failed to view the current Stella Oduah saga first with tribal lens, owing to Nigeria’s ethnic inclinations on all fronts.

It also amounts to gullibility of some Igbo themselves that joined the Igbo antagonists, detractors & the known Igbo-haters, in this ‘Stella Oduah condemnation’ without concrete evidence & proper confirmation from the appropriate quarters just as the same ‘Sahara liars’ have now shamefully changed the story.

Believe it or not, Ndi-Igbo are at cold-war in the
Nigerian contraption and the moment we begin to realize this, we’d all have better understanding of what we are facing & better approach if we still wish to be relevant as major players like the other ethnicities from the North, West & recently the South- South.

I am not in support of bad deeds whatsoever owing to tribal bearings but as Igbo and the years of betrayed trust, attacks & marginalisation of the Igbo tribe by our co-inhabitants that don’t hide their hatred for the Igbo, we should never fall for their ‘stories’ hook, line & sinker. We should always look before we leap.

I hope Ms Stella Oduah will take legal actions against Sahara Reporters immediately & claim damages that will see them run out of their malicious business of character assassination & smear reportage.

I guess some Igbos will learn from this and cease subconsciously aiding Igbo detractors against Ndi-Igbo.

Tony Kanu

Hmmmmmmm This is really getting more hotter by the day!!

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