Happy 50th Birthday Sir Gregory Ibe

Dr Gregory Ibe is a renowned businessman, erudite academic and Proprietor of Gregory University, Uturu, Abia State. 20131210-173536.jpg

Hear him speaking about challenges:
“The only challenge is the hurdle you create for yourself as a man; anybody without challenges would be tired and die off. The only happiness I have as a person is the challenge I create for myself, which is what gives me joy. It is when I look at those challenges that I start to think of how to maneuver, how to get over it. Those things are the intrigues that make a man. The intrigue a woman passes through when she has conceived up to the point of delivery is what makes that pregnancy interesting. After few months, if you give her another opportunity, she would like to be pregnant again and still go through those intrigues that give her the challenges of bearing a child.”


Gracious Grace Blog Today felicitates with you an icon and a man of repute! Wishing you more beautiful and wonderful days ahead! May God bless and grant you all your heart desires in Jesus name amen. Happy Birthday Once again! Remain Blessed.



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