Farewell Great Madiba:Rest In Peace Sir Nelson Mandela@95 years!


For a Loved One Departed

Upon the branches of my heart,
For you, this poem is written,
The love you gave, the love you shared,
The tenderness that softened.

And on the paths that lead me there,
Your footsteps are remembered,
Guiding and advising me,
You’ll never be forgotten.

And on the leaves that bound my heart,
My family life is written,
Joy and pain, happiness and gain,
The aroma will ever remind me.

And on the petals of flowers found,
Found wrapped around my heart,
Sweet words of gentle encouragement,
That trusted who I was.

The aroma of those flowers linked,
To leaves and branches and paths,
Take me back to when you first left,
Though not as often now,
But the tears of dew that water my heart,
Will always remember you.




Sir Nelson Mandela And Sir Chinua Achebe,both of blessed memories!


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