Celebration Mood: Merry Christmas


To my wonderful friends,family and loved ones,just want to use this medium to say MERRY CHRISTMAS once again! Hope you all are having fun? If you were unable to afford xmas clothes,shoes or food for yourself, despair not but remember you are alive and healthy and thats God’s xmas gift for you because you are not better off than those in the hospitals and mortuaries now.
For those of you who can afford all this,please show a little kindness to that your next door neighbour who has no food to eat,no chicken to kill or even drink! Your love will brighten someone’s life today! Remember the motherless children,destitutes and orphans. Please do celebrate with them too. Above all,remember the reason for the season,the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! Honour him in all your ways as you celebrates!
I love you all !

Gracious Grace Nmah
Ada Nde Abiriba Enuda


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Gracious Grace Blog And Grace Garden And Events Is wishing all her numerous
fans,followers,friends and family a merry Xmas and exceedingly graced new year in advance.




Wonders:Indian Woman Delivers 10 Babies In One Night

Wonders truly shall never end indeed!

In what’s being called a medical record in India, a 28-year-old woman in Madhya Pradesh miscarried 10 babies in one night this week.

The Indo-Asian News Service reports that Anju Kushwaha delivered nine of the babies late Sunday night before she arrived at a hospital, where she delivered the 10th.

Doctors revealed Monday that all of the babies were dead at 12 weeks.

It appears fertility drugs may have contributed to Kushwaha’s conception and unusually high multiple pregnancy. According to the Business Standard, doctors at the hospital said the miscarriages followed ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome – a complication from fertility medication.

“It seems that that there was no regular follow-up of her pregnancy after [in vitro fertilization],” Dr. Sumitra Yadav, a senior gynecologist, told The Times Of India. “At least three offspring could have been saved by reducing the pregnancy.”

While the birth of 10 children at once is rare, there have been other reported cases of doctors delivering a high number of babies in a single delivery. As Xinhua News Agency notes, a doctor in Rome claimed to have removed 15 from the womb of a 35-year-old woman in 1971.

Nadya Suleman, the “Octomom” who gave birth to eight babies in 2009, currently holds the Guinness World Record for most surviving children delivered in a single birth.

Relationships: Sharing Your Love Story!

Love they say is a beautiful feeling and can simply happen in the most unusual of places,hope you do agree with me?

I’ve had cause to meet so many lovers and couples who had one or two wonderful stories of how and where they met their spouses and hearthrobs,believe me its really romantic to hear.

Lady Cynthia has this brief story to tell!

“Really this word called LOVE is unfathomable and incomprehensible. I met my husband of seven years now at the busstop. That fateday day, I was at the park as early as 5.30am to get a bus to my office somewhere Lekki,Lagos State and by 6.15am i was yet to get one as there was scarcity of fuel that period. I was getting agitated and frustrated because i was supposed to resume by 7am and i still have the heavy traffic to contend with.


When all hope of getting a bus had failed,i resigned to my fate and started walking down the road,hoping for a miracle. Suddenly a bus stopped behind me and a young man looking impecable on his black suit beckoned on me to come. Wonderingly,i stepped closer and he offered to share his seat in the bus with me after enquiring where i was heading to. Honestly,i was pleasantly suprised but declined as the passengers were already protesting . Quietly, he came down from the bus and asked me to take over his seat so that he will get another one. Wooooow! I was more than suprised . While seating down and expressing my graritude to him,he simply said:” I dont know why i did this though am also late but i believe its destiny”. He gave me his complimentary card as the bus zoomed off.

Hmmmmmm,I kept on thinking about the incident and also about him all through that day and later in the evening, when i called him to express my gratitude, he simply asked me out.

A year into the relationship he proposed to me and i said YES because he was the most sweetest,nicest and romantic guy i’ve ever met in my life. Precisely two years and six months later we got married. I cant help but thank God for my husband and our lovely twins:two baby boys after seven years of blissful Marriage. We are much more comfortable now with our own house and cars and better job all to God’s glory. Anytime i remembered how and where we meet,i knew its destiny at work” Mrs.Cynthia Ibe,Lagos State.
Hmmmmmm really touching Indeed!

Do you have a love story for publication ? Share it with us at:vipgraciousgrace48@gmail.com .

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“It is highly insensitive, and it has shown how detached the government has become, to the plight of IMO people”.

His Excellency Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha’s led APC government face off with eight commercial banks operating in Imo state is best described as a move against the people of the state. The move is “anti-people”.

It is to the effect that the affected banks remains under lock and key since it has been sealed up some days ago, subjecting the people of the state to untold hardship as businesses and economic activities in the state have suffered unfavourably. When banks cease to work, it affects people directly, people will be unable to cash in money or withdraw cash to pay for their goods and services, pay bills, and buy drugs for their ailments. This is a very terrible situation that will even lead to death, by so, every reasonable government should do all within her powers to avoid it, than, making the situation more maiming for people.

It is alleged that Imo state government in her revenue derive secured Court Order to seal off the affected banks in Imo state.
According to the Commissioner for Internal Resources and Pension Affairs, Mr. Nick Opara-Ndudu, in a press conference, explained that ‘’the Board of Internal Revenue (BIR), in exercise of its statutory powers, sealed the premises of eight commercial banks in Imo State for their failure to pay to the withholding tax on interest paid to customers’.
According to the commissioner, the action was taken in compliance with a court order granted the BIR, authorizing it to seal the affected banks after their failure to heed the repeated demands to fulfil their statutory obligations to the state.
“The action of the BIR is intended to send a clear signal to all organizations and institutions operating in the state on the need for them to meet their statutory obligations to the state and its citizens”, the commissioner said. While noting that the action was taken in a very civil manner, Opara-Ndudu also revealed that the amount owed the state government was roughly N2 billion.

“I’m not in any shape or form against government genuine effort in her revenue derives, but I will be looking at the bigger picture of this action by the Government and indeed credible alternative approach without inflicting injuries on the people I tend to protect, and the state economy”.

It is obvious that the people and the affected businesses must have suffered and are still suffering huge losses on even date as a result of Governor Okorocha’s approach.
I placed a call to Imo state and many were complaining of their inability to do basic things of life, for example, paying prescriptions, hospital bills, food and shelter as their money were locked up in those banks.
Cash at automatic teller Machine (ATM) have run out, people are unable to cash money through (ATM). I’ am also a victim of this dumb approach.
The question therefore is whether this stalemate is avoidable in the circumstances and whether a different approach towards the same could achieve a better result without inflicting injuries on the people and the businesses around. A well negotiated approach to tax collection may save a lot of problems in a way of give and take approach.

“The moment the amount due is ascertained, my government will enter in business dealings with the banks with a view to balance books at the end of financial year or quarter”
I consider Okorocha’s action to be insensitive and disproportionate in all the circumstances. Governor Okorocha’s action is irrational and unreasonable in the Wednesbury sense, in that, the ultimate end sought to achieve – “Welfare of the people” has been defeated.
His action is lopsided in all the circumstances; it is like killing an ant with a large hammer.

If elected as Governor of IMO state in 2015, I will achieve better results without inflicting injuries on the people and state economy.
My government will approach this situation differently; I will consider approaching the Court with a different APPLICATION. My application to the Court will be to obtain an order for disclosure of transactions, then, I will hire professional accountants to ascertain their tax liability over the period to obtain the actual figure owed by these banks.
“Sadly, Okorocha is not aware of the tax liability of the eight banks in the state; the amount quoted about is nothing but unreliable estimate”.
Having ascertained the actual figure owed, I will then make a formal statutory demand to the affected banks for payment of the taxes owed to the state government.
If the banks failed to make payments as requested and also failed to negotiate with the government. My government may commence proceedings against the affected banks seeking for “Debt judgement” to be entered against the banks.
A further step will be taken to get enforcement orders of the Court asking the Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN) to pay the state government from the banks’ reserve funds.
It is instructive bankruptcy proceedings against defaulting banks may be considered in all attempt to draw home my government’s demand.

With the approach above, I strongly believe that the banks taken into account the nature of their product and services may have no other option than to come to negotiation table with the government.
Unfortunately, Governor Okorocha and his handlers have no idea on how to go about on collection of taxes owned by corporate organisations like banks without inflicting injuries on the masses and to the state economy.
Looking at the bigger picture, Governor Okorocha’s action is more than enough to discourage potential investors coming to the state.

Ejike Ikezuagu is a publisher, he lives and studied in United Kingdom.


Impeachment Call: You’re Toying With Treason, Jonathan Warns APC


President Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, warned those opposed to his administration, including former political allies trading allegations of his sponsorship of a terror squad that they were treading the path of treason.

The strong word of caution from the President followed the call for his impeachment by the All Progressives Congress, APC, in which he also debunked the allegation of training a sniper squad raised by former President Olusegun Obasanjo. President Jonathan rebuked the APC for allegedly ganging up with Obasanjo against him.

The demand for the president’s impeachment also drew mixed reactions.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in a sharp reaction flayed the APC, saying the opposition party’s real intention was to derail the country’s democracy, having failed in its original aim of decimating the PDP as a way of winning the 2015 elections.

Reactions to the call also came from geopolitical organizations including Ohaneze, Afenifere, Arewa Consultative Forum, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, New Northern Political Frontiers, NNPF, and some members of the National Assembly. Alhaji Balarabe Musa, the first governor to be impeached since the advent of the presidential system of government on his part said there were stronger reasons to impeach the President than those raised by the APC as he cited multiple allegations of corruption raised against the administration’s top officials.

The APC’s call for impeachment of the president was contained in a statement issued by the party’s Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed who said the request was the only way to sustain the unity of the country.

“Our country is drifting dangerously and our people are divided now perhaps more than at any other point in our history, with the exception of the civil war period. There is a total failure of leadership, even as insecurity, unprecedented corruption, palpable impunity, massive unemployment and hunger stalk the land.”

“Since the raison d’etre of any government is the security and welfare of the citizenry, and the present administration has failed to live up to the justification of its existence, there can be no other definition of gross misconduct than that,” the APC deposed.

“Therefore, the time has come for the head of that government, on whose desk the buck stops, to be removed through the provisions stipulated in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is the patriotic thing to do,” the APC said as it warned the National Assembly that failure to impeach the president would make it also culpable in whatever fate befalls the nation.

The APC alluded to the recent court action instituted by the PDP to remove five of the governors that recently left the office as one of the possible triggers that could precipitate the doomsday for the nation.

“One such scenario is the present challenge in court by the PDP of the defection to the APC of five state governors. The PDP has gone to court fully aware of the ruling of the Supreme Court after the party (PDP) attempted to make then Vice President Atiku Abubakar lose his seat and to also strip him of his privileges following his defection to the ACN.

“What then can be the sole motive behind the PDP’s action: To plunge Nigeria into chaos! This is why we issued a strong warning in our statement of Dec. 5th thus: ‘We wish to state unequivocally that should the PDP go ahead with this plan, there will be widespread repercussions as the APC has resolved that henceforth, every act of impunity of the PDP and the Presidency will be met with stiff resistance in the form of a vociferous telegraphing of people power, the likes of which have not been witnessed in these parts’.

“We reiterate those words today, and make bold to say that not even the revelation by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, that snipers are being trained secretly and that 1,000 people have been placed on political watch, will deter us from saving this democracy, which was watered by the sweat and blood of many patriots, long before this generation of opportunists stormed the political scene,’’ it said.

“The talk out there now is that Nigeria has never had it so bad. But the government may not know because it has distanced itself from the people. Therefore, for embracing corruption so much and providing succour to corrupt public officials; for threatening the country’s fragile unity through divisive policies and politics, for frittering away the nation’s resources through unprecedented cronyism and clannishness, and for a total failure of leadership, this President deserves to be slammed with the cudgel of impeachment,’’ it said.

Read APC’s full letter here ‘Impeach Jonathan before he crashes Nigeria, APC tells National Assembly’

In his reaction to the allegation, President Jonathan in a statement issued on his behalf by his Special Adviser on Media, Dr. Rueben Abati warned the APC spokesman that he was playing with treason.

Noting the allegation that President Jonathan was training a terror squad to harass his political opponents which was first raised by former president Obasanjo, Abati said it was evident that the two were now in cahoots against the Jonathan administration.

The statement read:

“We have noted with utter disdain, the reckless and irresponsible call by the APC on Sunday for the National Assembly to commence impeachment proceedings against President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Ordinarily, we would not have dignified Alhaji Lai Mohammed’s latest vituperations in the service of his paymasters with a response, but we thought it necessary to warn that the Federal Government will not standby idly and let the nation be plunged into unnecessary crises and political instability because of the desperation and apparent readiness of the APC spokesman and his gang of power-seeking desperadoes to sacrifice the well-being of the country on the altar of their selfish personal ambitions.

“The Presidency totally condemns the decision by Alhaji Mohammed and his party to move further beyond the bounds of honourable and acceptable political conduct with the senseless call for the impeachment of a President who continues to sincerely devote himself to the discharge of the sacred mandate freely given to him by Nigerians.

“The APC, which remains a minority party with doubtful credentials in the National Assembly, knows fully well that its attempts to hector and blackmail a Parliament dominated by loyal members of the President’s party, the PDP, into an impeachment process, will come to nothing.

But it has cavalierly embarked on this outrageous gambit, with scant regard for peace, order, security and political stability in the country, in furtherance of its dastardly and heinous strategy of over-heating the polity and working to cause public disaffection against the Jonathan Presidency with lies, false accusations and unjustifiable indictments ahead of the 2015 general elections.

The emptiness and hollowness of the APC’s call for President Jonathan’s impeachment will be obvious to all objective and discerning Nigerians who read through the statement issued by Alhaji Mohammed today. It was long on self-serving rhetoric and falsehoods, but lacked a single clearly defined charge on the basis of which any plausible impeachment proceedings against the President can be initiated.

“All that the APC could offer in justification of its absurd and hare-brained impeachment call was a rehash of its well-worn litany of baseless accusations against the President, including some for which culpability should be laid squarely at the doorsteps of its own leaders and some of their new friends.

“The Presidency also considers it utterly deplorable that the APC has, in its Machiavellian desperation to seize control of the Federal Government, recklessly assailed the integrity and honour of the Nigerian Judiciary in a callous attempt to pre-empt the outcome of the case legitimately brought against it and some of its new friends by the PDP.

“Alhaji Mohammed’s unscrupulous effort to drag the nation’s judiciary into its murky political warfare and his readiness to intimidate and blackmail members of the bench so as to secure a favourable outcome for his party in the pending case clearly shows that nothing is beyond the pale for him and the APC in pursuit of their quest for power.

“The Jonathan Administration does not need Lai Mohammed or the APC to remind it of its constitutional responsibility for the security and well-being of Nigerians. The President will continue to do his utmost best to achieve positive national transformation in all areas in spite of efforts by the opposition to thwart or disparage the work of his administration.

“In this regard, we have noted the undisguised threat by the APC to foster public insurrection against the Federal Government if pending legal cases go against it. We urge Nigerians to take special note of this boastful indication of an intention to resort to lawlessness.

“The Presidency warns that the APC and any persons who make themselves its willing tools for the breach of public order and safety will be made to face the full sanctions of the law. Those who are threatening fire and brimstone should be ready for consequences of treasonable action.

“The APC’s false copy-cat allegation that 1, 000 snipers are being trained by the Jonathan Administration clearly shows that they are now in cahoots with some other elements who are bent on discrediting this administration and inciting the public against it.

President Jonathan is running a people’s government. He does not need any snipers. His legitimacy comes from the people. Those who are alleging the existence of snipers should step forward and provide the evidence or shut up forever and go down in history as spineless cowards, driven by sheer greed and indecency.

“We dismiss the APC’s call for the President’s impeachment as opportunistic, partisan and ill-motivated.

“We call on patriots to make the necessary distinction between such reckless violations of civic duty and the urgent need to protect the integrity of the Nigerian nation against those who for selfish reasons have declared their readiness to stop at nothing.”

PDP reacts

The PDP in a sharp reaction described the call as irresponsible, immature, self-seeking and part of their larger agenda to truncate democracy in Nigeria.

“Upon their realization that they will not win in the 2015 general elections following the failure of their plans to break the ranks and strength of the PDP, they now seek to use all means to cause confusion in the land. The APC knows the implication of the call which is to cause massive turmoil and destroy the unity of our dear nation,” the PDP said in a statement issued by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh.

Metuh concluded that “the PDP is ready, willing and able to stop them in their track.”

There’s a sinister move for regime change —Odumakin

Reacting to the development, Afenifere, the Yoruba socio-cultural organization described the APC’s call as part of an orchestrated and sinister plan against the administration’s plan for a national conference.

Afenifere’s spokesperson, Mr Yinka Odumakin in a telephone interview said:

“Well, they are letting the cat out of the bag. There is a co-ordinated assault to have a regime change in order to abort the national conference. Look at this point: Last week Monday, Tambuwal made his own comment, by Tuesday, they released Lamido’s letter, by Wednesday, they released Obasanjo’s letter and by Sunday, APC is calling for Jonathan’s resignation. They have not heard the President out to hear his own side.”

“The lawyers said hear both parties, why don’t they wait for his (Jonathan’s) response before they begin to call for action? How can you hold Obasanjo’s word without hearing his (Jonathan’s) own word and then ask for his resignation? I think they are jumping the gun and they are showing that there is a sinister agenda that is being coordinated by forces that want to abort the national conference by calling for a regime change.”

They’re talking trash — Ohaneze

Ohaneze, the Igbo socio-cultural group on its part said impeaching Jonathan would lead to the end of Nigeria.

Speaking through its Secretary General, Dr Joe Nwaorgu, he said that the call arose from inequity in the structure of the National Assembly.

Warning, he said: “Impeach Jonathan, impeach Nigeria,” he said: “That is arrant rubbish. How do you impeach the man when he has not been found guilty of anything? Have you investigated him? That is why we want this country restructure. They are talking trash because of the structure of the National Assembly. If there was justice in the structure of the National Assembly will they say so?”

Caution should be applied on the issue —ACF spokesperson

In his own reaction, the ACF through its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Anthony Sani, called for caution saying that he was not in possession with the facts that instigated the call.

“I do not know the facts which APC has in its possession that informed its call on the National Assembly to commence impeachment proceedings Against President Jonathan. I cannot comment from uninformed position. But if it is based on the letter President Obasanjo wrote to President Goodluck Jonathan, I would advise in favour of caution because the issues raised in the letter are still at the level of allegations.’’

He further said, ‘’Some of the issues raised border on security which may require thorough investigations. Regrettably the letter by the former President has attracted different kinds of comments that tend to generate more heat than the needed light, which is not helpful. That is why I would plead with the presidency, the media, spirited individuals, groups including political parties to concentrate on issues raised, with utmost caution for public good. And in doing so, they must avoid generalisations and stick to what they know.’’

Due process should be followed—Arewa Youths

National President of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, Alhaji Yerima Shetima on his part called for due process in whatever action is taken against the president even as he flayed recent agitations against the Jonathan administration by former President Obasanjo.

In a chat with Vanguard, Shetima said “well, they are entitled to call for Jonathan’s impeachment. But there is due process to this, the National Assembly will carry out its own investigations and if he is found guilty, then he can be impeached.”

He nevertheless, objected to linking the call to the allegations made against the president by Obasanjo.

“Obasanjo was president for eight years and he was also the Minister in the Power sector, has anybody probed him? On the issue of insecurity, does he want Jonathan to do what he did in Zaki Biam or Odi? Or what exactly does he want him to do? On corruption, is there any government that is more corrupt than Obasanjo’s government? No one has asked him to give account of his stewardship.”

“APC can call for his impeachment, but then, let there be due process and if found wanting, let him face the law because nobody is above the law, but Obasanjo’s allegations are baseless, there is nothing about his allegations.”

‘Senate not heeding APC’s call’

In his reaction Senator Ita Enang, PDP, Akwa Ibom North East said the Senate would neither heed the call of the APC nor pay attention to the letter from President Obasanjo.

“Former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter was not addressed to the National Assembly. The issue of impeachment has not arisen. The issue of impeachment of the president has not at all arisen.

“APC should know that they are part of the government of this country and by being part of the government by heading some states, they should not think that by inventing some lies and using cronies, they will be able to overheat the polity and create an unnecessary change in the government of this country.

Culled from Chat212

“They should know that there are some national leaders of APC who were formerly heads of government of this country and nobody did what they are doing now to the government of President Goodluck Jonathan.”

‘APC lacks credibility to make the call’

Reacting to the call yesterday, Rep. Samson Okwu, Oji/Odu Federal Constituency, BenueState flayed the APC saying the party lacked the credibility to make the call.

“APC as a party lacks the credibility and the constitutional power to ask for the impeachment of Mr. President because from what they have lined up there, it is only the National Assembly that is empowered; they cannot urge the National Assembly to start off impeachment process because it’s only the membership of the National Assembly, that is the Senate and the House of Representatives, that will come up with issues of any misconduct on Mr. President.”

Rep. Nkoyo Toyo, Calabar Municipal/Oduakpani Federal Constituency, CrossRiverState on her part said the APC’s call was within the scope of freedom of speech

“All forms of views remain essential for a democracy and such a call is at best a call for a debate and engagement of the issues by the ruling party not necessarily Mr. president. I have no doubt that at the appropriate time reactions will follow.”

NNPF condemns call

The New Northern Political Frontiers, NNPF, on its part condemned the call saying the call could not be linked with what it described as mere allegations raised against President Jonathan by Obasanjo.

The NNPF in statement signed by its Chairman, Dr. Abdul Isiaq, described the call by the APC as capable of unnecessarily heating up the polity.

“We condemn the recent statement by the All Progressives Congress, APC, calling on the National Assembly to immediately kick-starting the process of impeaching President Goodluck Jonathan for gross misconduct.