Speechless:Gov.Oshiomole Why?



He was a human right advocate and crusader. He fought for the oppressed masses and said NO to evil and bad governance. He was the darling of all during his tenure as the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) President.

Nigerians loved him,more especially his Edo people where he is currently serving his 2nd term tenure as the state governor.

So what could have made him to tell a widow :”GO AND DIE IF YOU ARE A WIDOW”even when he is a widower himself? I disbelieved the story when i saw it trending on the social media earlier today till i watched the video itself and am yet to recover from the shock. Am totally speechless! is this what power can turn someone into?

I am not in support of the widow violating the rules by hawking on the streetnot at all. He can always admonish her,cease her wares or any other punishment but not to openly,cruelly and unremorsefully tell her to GO AND DIE! Chaiiii,my eyes are filled with tears.

Gov. Oshiomole, you were amongst the governors i love most and held in high esteem WHY WHY WHY? Why give room for your detractors and foes and even friends alike to run you down? Your name is now on the lips of everyone. WHY?

November 29, 2013



Edo PDP watched with consternation Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s brutal, inhuman and merciless treatment of a widow street-trader whose wares he ordered seized and who he unfeelingly told to ‘…go and die’ even as she knelt down in fervent protestations and appeals to his pity on a helpless widow.

The governor’s actions are appalling, insensate, disgraceful, indecent, cruel and below board. It is clear that he does not care much about the well being of the people as he pretentiously avowed. Our hearts go to that hapless widow in this her time of travails and through her, to other widows who have been oppressed by the unfriendly policies of the administration in Edo State.

The PDP, Edo State will not let any Edo person ‘to go and die’ if it can help it, especially not hardworking people like that widow who are engaged in lawful enterprises that are, in themselves, not easy to carry on. To this end, our party has instituted an endowment fund for all widows and oppressed people in the state and by this release, we invite the widow captured in the video of the encounter with Governor Oshiomhole to come to the PDP Secretariat on No. 70, Sapele Road, at 11am on Tuesday December 3, 2013 to receive a first-installment sum of N250,000.00 to cushion the pain, trauma and loss occasioned by her mistreatment and the seizure of the items she sells.

Governance is about the people and as a responsible National Institution, Edo PDP cannot be unconcerned about the wrong treatment of indigenes of the state to whom the present administration promised heaven just to win their votes. We will continue to stand in the gap to ensure that Edo people are deservedly fairly treatment

If Governor Oshiomhole believes that Edo People sinned by voting him into office, let him remember that he will account for his actions, if not to the people because he apparently does not think much of them, but to God Almighty in the short or long run.

We thank all those who have been humanely concerned about the plight of the widow and have stood out vehemently against the crying shame that was the insensitive action of a governor who seems bent on repaying electoral favor with ingratitude.


Chief Dan Osi Orbih

Chairman, PDP

Edo State.

What measures had the goverment taken towards alleviating the plights and sufferings of widows,what about millions of jobless graduates and youths who had taken to hawking and other social vices in order to survive?

Our youths and mothers had taken to the street hawking to make ends meet without any hope or help from the government. Only the highly connected and IM can fetch a graduate a good job if not God. Let someone hear our cries. We need good jobs! We need skill Acquisations and empowerments! We are tired of wallowing in poverty in a rich nation like ours!
This widow’s plight is really an eye opener!
#story continues#



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