Cast Your Vote: African Braids And Foreign Weavons,Which One Rocks Better On Ladies?

There was this argument between some guys and ladies on their favourite hair styles. While the babes says they love weavons especially the trending human hairs like brazillian,peruvian,indian and malaysian hairs etc, most of the guys insisted on their love for natural african hair braids and weaves . 20131022-112117.jpg

Emeka,one of the guys said: you will know how pretty a lady is when she braids her hair in the african way unlike all these foreigns hairs that makes them look too sophisticated and fake”
Do you really believe him? okay ,whats your vote on african braids and foreign weaves? lets see!

African braids seems to be the en vogue and trending now! Hairs made from wools(yarning thread),attachment and normal olden days threads we all used to know about.


Seems babes and ladies are going back to the African styles of hair making braids.Especially the yarn or commonly called wool style.Will you agree with me that there is something so unique and cool about african braids

20131022-111623.jpg I know that there are still men who loves weavons so it depends on individual’s choice ! No be true?
For a while now,i have been rocking and enjoying my braids and i found out that many babes too are now more on braids than weaves

20131022-113254.jpg ladies even rocks their natural hairs this days sef! Me i love both the traditional african braids and foreign weavons shikena! LOL

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