BBM applications on android and iphones

A friend of mine pinged me on bbm this afternoon and i was like “waoooh so you are back to bbm after abandoning it for Iphone”. She replied that she is using that same iphone for bbm because its already working in the states! wooooow! when i tried to download it on my iphone via,i got this response!

From Blackberry World!
“As part of our partnership with Samsung in Africa, BBM will first be available on Samsung Android devices in Africa between October 22nd and October 24th. BBM will become available on all Android and iPhone devices in Africa on October 25th. Follow @BlackBerry_ZA on twitter for the latest updates”

If you are on a Samsung Android device, click on to download the application!

Anyway,today is already 22nd of October,in less than 4 days,i will start pinging on my iphone while allowing my bb to rest a while from its battery wahala.
Funny enough,the rush from non bb users to join bbm is amazing after many complained of not being interested. Welcome to the pinging world my peole.

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