JEANS TROUSER: Who rocks it better between ladies and gents?


I paid a visit to computer village in Ikeja,Lagos State in the morning to have my blackberry fixed. I’ve never stopped to being amazed whenever am in that environment because its a different world altogether.

20131021-160527.jpgSome had it on with sneakers
loafers,shoes,canvas and silpers which invariably defines how the person will look. I saw quite a handful of babes too on jeans but it was more on the guy’s side. That got me wondering ! why almost none is on a pair of plain trousers.

20131021-160654.jpgWhats in a jean that makes it rocks? Ladies and gentlemen, who now puts on jeans more than the other?


Personally,I love cladding my jeans with tops,shirts and polos depends onmy mood and so many other babes i know.

So,what do you think about jean rocking cos it seems the fashion that is never out of vogue !!

I took out time to interview one or two guys who answered almost same thing: Wearing of jeans makes one feel comfortable,smart and free!
what do you think?

20131021-160706.jpg Do i hear our men complaining that ladies now makes jeans trousers to be more expensive for them to buy? LOL


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