Complex:Nigerians Obsessed With Skin Whitening

“Most Nigerian men prefer the lighter women because they are more attractive than the darker ones”
How true is this? Do you honestly believe that bleaching or *toning* your skin as people prefers calling it will make you more prettier than dark ladies or men?

I believe that its only inferiority complex that can make one to try and change the natural skin colour God had given him/her.

Skin Whitening is a world-wide phenomenon that is becoming ever more popular as people in developing nations become more flush with cash. The multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry aimed at making skin whiter and fairer is growing exponentially.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 77 percent of women in Nigeria use skin-lightening products, the world’s highest percentage. That compares with 59 percent in Togo, and 27 percent in Senegal. The reasons for this are varied but most people say they use skin-lighteners because they want “white skin”.

In many parts of Africa, lighter-skinned women are considered more beautiful and are believed to be more successful and likely to find marriage. DO YOU BELIEVE IT?

It’s not only women though who are obsessed with bleaching their skins. Some men too are involved in the practice.

Dangerous consequences 

Skin bleaching comes with hazardous health consequences. The dangers associated with the use of toxic compounds for skin bleaching include blood cancers such as leukemia and cancers of the liver and kidneys as well as severe skin conditions.

Hardcore bleachers use illegal ointments containing toxins like mercury, a metal that blocks production of melanin, which gives the skin its colour, but can also be toxic.

Systemically it causes things like kidney failure because of the mercury in some of the products and it also causes eczema, skin pigmentation among a host of other infections.

Is Bleaching one’s skin now a lifestyle or the trend in vogue?
Bleaching, often dubbed ‘toning’ is steadily on the rise.

Well known Nigerian Musician, Femi Kuti revealed to Al Jazeera, “When the bleaching propaganda got so negative, they had to come up with toning. Bleaching sounds too hard, now it’s toning. I don’t bleach, they say, I tone!”

“They think bleaching is gege,” he added.

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Complex:Nigerians Obsessed With Skin Whitening

  1. On the contrary, I think that many Nigerian women believe that being light-skinned is a sure attraction, and so do anything to become light skinned. I, for one, generally shy away from overly light-skinned women (unless its a non-African). However, my admonition is that people must be ready to live with the repercussions of their actions.

    • Thanks Sir Ade for your response and i really love the closing remark of people being responsible for their actions. Honestly natural fairness without skin toning or bleaching is cool likewise ebony and dark colours. the earlier girls and wonen should be proid of their complexion the better for their health sake.

    • You are right but when u tone up its for the idea of people seeing u in a more attractive picture bt it depends on d right my skincare dealers Darliing skincare. 07067002604 bb pin 7573417e they gave me a gud product I neva tort wud make my skin look so glowing n spotless as milk.

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