Floody Sunday in Aba

This pictures were snapped on sunday morning as we all awoke to prepare for church service only to find to our dismay that the street had been flooded to the brim.

This is off Ehere Road,Opobo Junction,OgborHill Aba,Abia State. Since I visited Aba 2 weeks ago,from Ariaria/Faulks/Okigwe down to OgborHill,it had really an eyesore!! Floods and bad roads all over! God,Abians needs your intervention!

When will our state government come to the rescue of Abians on the poor state of our roads? When will Abians breath a deep sigh of relief?

I remembered the day I spent roughly 5 hours from Osisioma to reach Ogbor Hill because there was a heavy downpour causing traffic jam. What about the health implications of this floods? From malaria,thyphoid and other pipe borne water infections and diseases.

It was really an eyesore! I am pleading to our amiable Governor,His Excellency,Sir.T.A.Orji to do something pretty fast about Abia roads cos Abians are really suffering! We are supposed to be God’s Own State !!


One thought on “Floody Sunday in Aba

  1. Everyday on NTA, Channels TV, and AIT, we see news about what Gov T Orji is doing in Abia state. All these are lies and propaganda. I have been around many states in Nigeria and I see the level of development and performance of the govts in those states. These pictures show the true state of Abia state…. The worst state in Nigeria with the worst and visionless governor.

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