Personality Profile:Exclusive Wardrobe Sense Featuring Nkechinyere Omai

Name: Nkechinyere Omai
State Of Origin: Abia
Status: Engaged
Profession: Environmental Resource Manager
Statistics: 34-32-40,
Height: 5’9
Hobbies: Reading, playing volley n surfing the Internet…
Likes: sincerity n modesty..
Dislikes: Dishonesty and Impudence

She had made a name for herself in the environmental world.Having known her for some years,I tracked this beauty down for an exclusive chat. Hear her!

GG Blog: Who is this Pretty Lady called NKechi?

“Nkechi Omai is a very simple person, very jovial, loves being happy and having happy people around but can also be a little difficult when she wants to get things done”.

GG Blog: You are real hot and have the stunning figure,why didn’t you consider going into modelling?

“Thanks for that compliment. Well I’ve thought about going into modelling in the past but then I realised it’s not what I really wanted for myself. Guess it’s not my calling after all (laughs).

GG Blog:You graduated from Abia State University Uturu with a sweet degree, What are your dreams and aspirations in life as an Environmentalist?

“As an environmental manager I dream to own one of the biggest recycling industry here in our country and I aspire to become a very important personality in the world who can impact lives positively. Right now am working towards getting a masters degree on environmental law”.

GG Blog: Your Status says Engaged.Congrats! What attracted you to your ideal man?

*Smiles sweetly and suddenly looking shy* “Well lots of things did the attraction job. His personality, a very open person with a good heart who works hard. Never selfish, intelligent, willingness to accept new things and most of all makes God the head in his life. And also very playful and outgoing”.

GG Blog:When going out for the day,what beauty make up can you not do without?

“Hmmmmmm thinking!!! My eyebrows must be well kept at all times so my eyeliner/pencil. Lol”

GG Blog: What can you say about Nigeria Fashion industry?

“Nigerian fashion industry is really growing with lots of good designers and unique ideas. I can’t say that Nigerian fashion industry is at their best now but I believe that in the next 5years, it will make a difference in the world’s fashion”.

GG Blog: Who are your favourite designers?

“Christian Louboutin, Miuccia Prada and Gucci”

GG Blog:What’s your favourite wardrobe sense?

“There is no favoritism for me when it comes to my wardrobe. I wear any good outfit by any designer as long as it goes with the moment and occasion. My major concern is for it to look perfect on me”.

GG Blog: What’s your favourite meal?

“Funny enough I have no favorite meal, yet I don’t eat a lot of things..”

GG Blog: Nice chatting with me Nkechi,hope to have another wonderful time such as this with you in the future.

“Thanks Grace,its really my pleasure. Kudos on your wonderful blog,can see you going places.

GG Blog: Thanks and God bleSs


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