I’ve grown tired of reading about the River State House of Assembly political crisis,clashes and brouhaha. When it seems that a level of order and peace had been restored,fresh crisis will now loom again.
In one sentence,let’s describe this picture above and also share our views.


One thought on “RSHA SAGA CONTDS

  1. D Presidency is power drunk. If were some of dem like d IG n Mbu his boy, I wld hve covered my face in shame n resigned bcos they going contrary to wot d constitution says. By d way wl smbody kill me bcos my sense of reasoning n ideology re not d same. I am appealing to d PDP ( People Destroying People) n particular d Presidency to leave Amaechi alone. They all must remember dat any seed one sows, he or she wl reap A word Is enough for d wise
    . Thanks

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