Teenage Rapes:Issues And Matters Arising!

There is obviously a greater increase in teenagers rape cases this days than ever. After reading the latest one involving a randy Pastor against a 12 year old teenager who came to him for deliverance,I couldn’t help but wonder why this evil and abominable act against our little girls seems to be rising daily.

*How my pastor raped me all night,12 year old teenager confesses:

And to say I was astonished would be an understatement.

All over the news media of recent,it’s one case of a teenager being raped to another. What joy do some men and boys derives from raping their harmless victims when they can always have their pick of any choice girl from the numerous girls and women around? I often wonder how they even enjoy the *show* from their helpless and unresponsive victims because I know God created sex to be mutually enjoyed by couples and not the wicked way.

I beseech our government and the legislative arms to enact a more concrete law that will adequatedly protect the lives and liberty of our girls/women knowing that we are the weaker vessels according to the holy Bible. And,to deal in severe measures any man or boy found violating women in any form.

Moreover,parents and teachers alike should monitor their children and wards especially at their teenage ages.

While the teenagers should also be mindful of the type of friends they keeps especially outside the home environment. They should not hesitate to shout for help or report to the nearest authorities of any strange boy/man lurking around them especially in unusual places.

Similar to the story above is this:
*Alfa alledgedly raped 18 year old teenager during deliverance: http://m.naij.com/news/37591.html

*A Nigerian man has been arrested after he allegedly raped a teenage girl to death in Bayelsa State: http://allafrica.com/stories/201309090165.html

*Another Rape Case at Queens College Lagos by a school Technician to a 12 year old student:http://www.onlinenigeria.com/adprint.asp?blurb=71
*A Nigerian 18 year old teenager rapes an 11 year old girl.

*A Mechanic with other 5 men gang raped a 19 year old girl: http://pmnewsnigeria.com/2013/04/10/mechanic-charged-with-gang-raping-teenager/

*30 year old school guard rapes an 18 year old school girl inside classroom: http://pmnewsnigeria.com/2013/07/23/school-guard-rapes-student-inside-classroom/

*Two teenagers remanded in prison for alledgedly raping 15 year old girl: http://dailypost.com.ng/2012/12/18/two-teenagers-remanded-prison-raping-15-year-old-girl/

*Alfa alledgedly raped teenager during deliverance: http://m.naij.com/news/37591.html

This is just a few of the many recent cases of teenage rapes in our society.

How do we curb this evil menace threatening our peace and destroying the lives of our future mothers? The health,emotional and psychological factors of a raped victim should also be put into consideration.

Let’s fight against RAPE today!


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