My Visit To Takwa Bay Beach


(With the local fishermen and their boats.)

Victoria Island is one of the districts in Lagos and it is bordered by the Atlantic ocean on the south, the Lagos Lagoon on the west and the Five Cowrie Creek to the north.

This island which is one of the most exclusive and expensive areas to live in Nigeria, is popular amongst the expatriates and employees of multinational corporations.20130910-095147.jpg

(enjoying my berbecue pepper fish with chips and soft drink)
Victoria Island offers array of world-class restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, bars, night clubs, movie theatres etc.

Property investment is a lucrative business on the Island as the cost of renting an apartment with luxurious amenities ranges from $10,000 to $48,000 per annum.

Takwa Bay is a lovely beach and arguably the most popular beach in Lagos situated along Lagos Harbour.

The beach is accesible by boat from Osborne Jetty provides the most safest swimming conditions.

20130910-093825.jpg In all honesty this is my first time of visiting this beautiful beach on sunday the Ist of September so cool and serene to behold.
Really loved the way the rocks were arranged for someone to walk upon.

Sitting on top of one of the rocks

20130910-094235.jpgAlighting from the boat i came with. Wooo,was really scared when the waves started splashing water on us.


20130910-094627.jpgEnjoying my berbecue fish with chips and a bottle of soft drink.

20130910-094658.jpg Lovely beach meal you can say!



20130910-095017.jpgClimbing the rocks
I am an Environmentalist by profession and appreciates nature in its fullest.
Wish that the Lagos State Government will really tap into the potentials and the natural resources in this beach and the surrounding communities.

20130910-093522.jpg Build massive health amenities ,power supply and hotels that the tourists visiting the beach can enjoy while enjoying the scenery,thereby attracting foreign investors who are willing to invest on tourism .


2 thoughts on “My Visit To Takwa Bay Beach

  1. very nice. it always feel refreshing to have time out n enjoy the ambience of nice cool environment such as beach. as for that fish I always look forward to having a taste of that each time I find myself there. nice one dear

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