Gracious Grace Fashions And Styles:My 1k loafers lol(Gossip mode activated)


On Sunday I decided to pay my friends a visit in the evening hours and was at a loss on what to put on . I needed something simple and immediately I remembered my bend down and buy loafers I bought last weekend on a road side somewhere in Lagos. #supriseeeeeeeed#? Nope,don’t be my Dears. I saw a woman shouting “buy your shoes 1k 1k ,I edged closer and my eyes fell on this beautiful pink/blue/white loafers and I bought it ASAP cos i did not wanna change ky mind about it and fiaaam i left with my parcel neatly wrapped in my bag.I now rocked it with my long pink chiffon top with black pants(tight) and my black bag with silver accessories ! Waka don ready! Gbam!!

Yes oooo! Your very own GG bought the loafers and I couldn’t care less if it decides to do magic or disgrace me later as am rocking it now.

After I bought it,I tried to compare it with other expensive loafers I’ve purchased in recent pasts but the difference as per design wasn’t much except of course the quality and durability. Aba people are simply too much when it comes to making of footwears and clothes: though I can’t say my loafers is Aba made or Italian made,GG is ain’t bothered for now! After all if I no tell you how you for carry Sabi? I can still form bought from shop rite at 50k levels,all follow na! Lol

Funny enough,come and see fine fine babes hustling to pick different types of footwears (wished I snapped them,don’t worry next time I will,hope they won’t beat me if I dares that?)
But make una weigh my loafers na,abi e no make sense especially on the attire ? Talk true ooooo! Lol

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