Horrific Photo: Abandoned Dead baby found at a drainaige in Upper Iweka Onitsha South Eastern Nigeria!

Am not easily the emotional type as in breaking down in tears when am moved or touched over any thing but to be honest,I’ve been in shock and dumbfounded since I came across this horrific photo on facebook and couldn’t help but wonder at the level of man’s wickedness !

Here is the story from
John.E.Udegbunam,a resident of Onitsha in Anambra State.

“The residents of Onitsha at upper New Market and passersby woke up this morning with a surprise and heavy heart – some crying, some sighing, and some raining courses on the perpetrator.
A very pretty baby was found in a drainage dead at upper new market road, Onitsha this morning, the baby may be one or two months of age. What happened and how it happened is not yet known by the
early hours of today Friday”
See Link: http://on.fb.me/1c3txOd”

I’ve been unable to hold back my tears knowing that there are many childless couples out there who had been believing God for the fruits of the womb for years now!
This incident made me to check up the definition of Child Abandonment and the likely CAUSES why a mother can abandon her flesh and blood and I came out with this:

Child abandonment is the practice of relinquishing interests and claims over one’s offspring with the intent of never again resuming or reasserting them. Causes include many social and cultural factors as well as mental illness. An abandoned child is called a foundling (as opposed to a runaway or an orphan). Baby dumping refers to parents (generally mothers) abandoning or discarding a child younger than 12 months in a public or private place with the intent of disposing it.

Causes includes:
1.Poverty is often a root cause of child abandonment. Persons in cultures with poor social welfare systems who are not financially capable of taking care of a child are more likely to abandon him/her. Political conditions, such as difficulty in adoption proceedings, may also contribute to child abandonment, as can the lack of institutions, such as orphanages, to take in children whom their parents cannot support.

2.Teenage pregnancies: Pregnant teenagers experience problems during and after childbirth due to social and psychological distress. Abandonment is an alternative to abortion.

Education, family planning, post-natal services and support for motherhood are available tools for reducing this problem.
But let’s be frank,can this two flimsy factors make you to have the mind to abandon your baby whom you carried in your wombs for nights months? Share your views !!
May the soul of the baby find Peace in the Lord’s bosom Amen!!

Source :http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child_abandonment

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