The poisonus/bleaching content in La Casera drink! How valid is the rumour?

La Casera apple drink as far as I know is one of my favourite fruit drinks especially when its chilled! But this morning, I stumbled into this information from News In Nigeria page and that got me worried,so I decided to share with my fans and also to confirm the authenticity of the rumour!
Please someone or La Casera Producers should confirm or debunk the rumour !!:
Here’s the link:

“Attention guys! Who has the latest rumour news on La casera drink?!
A few days back while stuck in heavy traffic, on my way back from the office, in a bus, one of the passengers seated beside me called out on the drink sellers, she wanted something cold…and the seller offered her a bottle of la casera but she declined “la casera…wetin, abeg sama mi another better drink” and i was like “really” she settled for coke instead.

She began telling the passenger on her other side of how la casera drink turns her in the tummy “anytime i drink it, it turns my tummy especially when it’s not cold”..anyways, after i alighted from the bus, i got myself a bottle of the drink (though cold) and nothing happened.
Today’s incident is what baffled me.
Was at a summit and when drinks were served, many of them rejected the la casera drink, those that had it on their tables already did not touch it and when i was given mine, the lady beside me said, “stop taking it la casera, it has a bleaching substance/chemical inside…” , three other persons confirmed it.
Someone even said “I was at a seminar last week and we were specifically warned from taking the drink…if you notice, mechanics always use it to wash car engines”
And there I knew I just had to share it with you guys to know if you have also heard the news…and for La casera management to come out to either deny the report or explain what is going on![HNN]
 Culled from News In Nigeria!

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