GraciousGrace Fashions And Styles

I am so excited today to feature yet another baby of the blog: GraciousGrace Fashions And Styles!!

Here i and (we) shall be talking about Fashion news and trends,Fashion tips and how to’s. Anything and everything fashionable for the ladies and gents of all classes ! Fashion as we all knows refers to the distinctive and often habitual trend in style in which a person dresses especially in clothing,footwears,make up and beauty accesories,hair styles,and furniture.So keep a date and flow along with GG Blog for those wonderful fashion updates!

I shall simply take you round my world of fashion starting from my humble wardrobe down to the big wigs and celebrities wardrobes!

Simple but Classic Three Quater Sleeveless navy blue with white and red mixed coloured jumpsuit, with a navy blue peep toe average heeled shoe to complement it.

For that cool evening outing

What do you think about the combination? Or would you have preferred me wearing a slightly lower heeled shoe like this?

Waiting for your opinion.


And an African twisted braid and evening clutch bag to go!

20130820-155448.jpgSasha evening clutch bag
This is my simple wardrobe on August 4th eve(my birthday)!
The wardrobe is open to constructive criticisms and appraisal lol!
Feel free to send in pictures of your wardrobe as we sail along in the fashion world!
Have a fashionable week!


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