TEARS OF A WIDOW: Due Process Advocates wades into Chioma Odilinye’s pathetic case


She cried and wept but no one cared nor listened as they held her down and shaved off her hairs in the most cruel manner ever known

20130819-110708.jpg Late Onyebuchi’s wife made to sit on her husband’s grave with her wailing son!
We all are quite familiar with the story of Mrs.Chioma Odilinye,the widow who had been subjected to untold hardships,ill treatments and been tormented by the relatives of her dead husband and also risks being totally edged out together with her son, from the estate of her husband. It is a sad and pathetic tale of sorrow,violation of human rights and gender discrimination.

It is worthy to note that ” Barr. Emeka Ugwuonye, no doubt one of the most daring and articulate human right lawyer in Nigeria today, has waded into her case.

As a sign that he would be putting his big shoes down on the side of the poor widow, Ugwuonye addressed the members of the FB Group, The Due Process Advocates (DPA) !

DPA Barr.Emeka Ugwuonye
Some excerpts from Barr.Emeka’s address:
“Earlier today, I brought to your attention the case of a widow and a mother, Mrs. Chioma Odilinye, who is facing oppression in the hands of the relatives of her late husband. Like in all cases, we start with investigation and due diligence to evaluate the credibility of the initial information we receive. I have been on that preliminary step since the past few hours. I am satisfied that we have a genuine case of deprivation of rights and perpetration of injustice, which we must redress”.
“In view of the real danger of a rapid dissipation of the assets of her husband, it will be necessary that a petition be filed on Tuesday for the enforcement of the lady’s fundamental rights. We shall be seeking by ex parte proceedings an injunction to restrain the family from disposing of the assets of the woman’s husband. We chose to proceed by way of fundamental enforcement because the woman has suffered a number of right violations. First, she has been subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment by being force-shaved in public. She and has son have been similarly forced to squat or sit on the grave of her husband (as in the picture here) all as acts of intimidation and cruelty.

Further, with the death of her husband, as the surviving wife in the absence of a will, she needed to obtain letters of administration and have the estate of her husband duly adjudicated. That would be the due process to which she and her son would have been entitled. That due process right includes a right to be heard by a court of competent jurisdiction under the constitution. She has been deprived of the right to fair hearing. She has also been held against her will, constituting a deprivation of right to liberty. At the moment, the family of her husband has indicated a determination to get her out of the way if she posed any obstacle to their effort to steal her husband’s property. So, it is fair to assert that her right to life is in danger and needs to be protected”EU

Further angles to the case been a “murder claim” had also been brought up by one Ikem Okuhu on his facebook wall.

#Facebook news feed by Ikem Okuhu#
http://bit.ly/17D8nUc and share your views here with us.

What Chioma is passing through today in the hands of her inlaws is one of the many plights that Nigerian women especially widows faces in their husband’s families when they lost their husbands to death. It is time we all arise and raise our voice high to SAY NO TO VICTIMISATION OF WIDOWS. All the barbaric cultures and traditions that permits widows been subjected to abuses like drinking of the dead corpse water,hair shaving,lying in same room with the dead,consfication of properties of the dead,abandoning the wife/children, and what have you should be abolished.
We are pleading to all well meaning Nigerians to come to Chioma’s aid and all other widows in her shoes and the Nigerian Government to protect the rights of our women!
We cry for justice! We cry for Due Process to fair hearing!

“Widows are among the most abused groups in Nigeria. There exist customs that have been used as excuses. But the fact is that no custom is greater than the constitution. So, custom can no longer be blamed for the abuse of the widows, just as customs cannot be blamed for the rampant corruption in Nigeria. What is happening is that greedy and criminal minded people are just using the custom as an excuse for their acts of criminality” Barr. Emeka Ugwuonye.

20130819-115020.jpg Ikem Okuhu

20130819-120812.jpg Gracious Grace
Stay tuned as the events to this case unfolds and GG Blog shall surely keep you posted! Happy new week Pals!


7 thoughts on “TEARS OF A WIDOW: Due Process Advocates wades into Chioma Odilinye’s pathetic case

  1. it’s so barbaric to hear that such ill treatment still exist in this present day n time. most times the blames are rested squarely on the shoulders of the departed who could not streamline things while alive but the manner relatives act without the fear of God n conscience leaves much to be desired. my advice to fellow men is to always acquire things in the name of their WIVES while alive. marriage is for better for worse. I’m so sure that God is not sleeping n justice will surely prevail.

  2. Yes ​Ȋ̝̊̅ agree with you Barr.emeka,pls let’s all join hands and stop this mess cos many of τ̅ђƸ widows are suffering,many accused of killing there husbands and are been forced †̥ do so many things that are not rightful even I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ τ̅ђƸ eyes of man and God. Pls ​Ȋ̝̊̅ pledge that our government should look into this and those of our learned men should advocate ƒσя them, as you do this may τ̅ђƸ almighty God endlessly bless you all.

  3. So sad! The plight of widows is shocking! I am a young widow myself. I had my share of “poor treatment” from my inlaws. My child was equally young. In my case, I was clearly documented as the next of kin but that did not stop them from acquiring my late husbands entitlements. No consideration for the child he left behind. Very sad indeed. God’s grace saw me through. I did NOT contend with them. They chose material things over relationship. Here I am, waxing strong and my child growing nicely!
    One thing is certain: God has a special place for widows, orphans and the needy. Those who cheat them are only attracting the wrath of God in the long run.

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