From GG kitchen

From GG kitchen

other images of edikaikong from another kitchen

other images of edikaikong from another kitchen


Hmmmmm GG Kitchen? I can hear someone musing over it! Yea GG Kitchen is for your rich and mouth watering Nigerian,African and Intercontinental dishes, for your eating pleasure and relaxation after a hectic week!

Its another beautiful Saturday in our lives and it is a known fact that this is a day wives,sisters and girlfriends sets specially apart in experimenting with new dishes especially soups commonly called “saturday soup” as this soup is not just like any other weekday meal and so,i’ve decided to add yet another exclusive feature in my blog for your entertainment and learning. Its called GRACIOUGGRACE DELICACIES from my own GG Kitchen!

Today i shall be preparing a well known soup which also happens to be my favourite amongst Nigerian delicacies: Edikaikong soup! I can see someone already salivating haahhahaahahaha!

The Nigerian edikaikong soup has over the years topped the list of Nigerian popular soups because of its nutritional value and ease of preparation.This soup is native to the efiks, people from cross river state. The name edikaikong simply translates to “vegetable soup”

Here are all the ingredients for making Nigerian edikaikong soup, you can reduce or increase depending on the number of people you are looking to feed.

Ingredients For five serving
Cow or Goat meat or any meat of choice with pomo,shaki or intestines etc

Stock fish head (medium size)
Dried fish (1 medium size) or
Fresh Fish(1 medium size)
1 cup of grinded crayfish

Waterleaf (a bowl full) sliced
(ugu leaf) sliced (a bowl full)

35cl red oil (according to your taste)

Salt and pepper to taste

Maggi or knorr cube (2 to 3)

2 cups of Periwinkles (optional)

Periwinkle is optional because not so many people likes or eats it,but my soup is incomplete without it.

1.Thoroughly wash your meat with salt water and parboil it very well. Add 2 cubes of maggi,I bulb of onions,other spices of your choice with salt to taste.

2.Cook for 10 minutes then add water(be careful of the quantity as it doesn’t need much water at all) and cook till meat is 70% softer for consumption, wash the dry fish and stock fish with hot water to remove sand and impurities then add to the cooking meat on fire. (You can add this at the beginning if you have very dry (strong) fish

3.Slice the ugu leaf and Waterleaves to bits (this is normally done by the traders in the market (in Nigeria) but you can slice at home with the help of a very sharp knife and a chopping board.
Pour the leaves separately in bowls and soak in water, sieve to remove sand.

It is advisable to wash the leave thoroughly before slicing, this is actually the major reason why I chose to slice my leaves myself.

4.To the boiling meat on fire; add the ground crayfish, 35cl red oil, it takes lots of oil to prepare this soup. I used about 30cl to make the soup as oil stands in place of water..

5.Add one or two cubes of maggi, salt and pepper to taste. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes, be sure the whole combination is boiling with very little trace of water.

6.Stir, taste for salt and pepper before adding the water leaf and periwinkles, stir and allow for about 3 minutes then add the ugu leaves, stir, cover half-way and cook for five minutes.
I always make sure I totally squeezes out the water from the waterleaf by sometimes drying it in a pot on fire or squeezing it with salt .
7.Taste for maggi, salt and pepper.

Woow your pot of delicious edikaikong had been made and ready for consumption.
I love eating my soup with foofoo,semo,wheat or my native *asusu*(corn porridge wrapped with leaves).
you can serve with Nigerian fufu, semo, wheat, eba, or pounded yam.
Hope you’ve learnt something today! Join me in doing justice to my edikaikong with wheat as you keep a date with GG Kitchen next weekend for another rich delicacy! Enjoy!!
You can write or email us on GraciousGrace Kitchens for your delicacies anytime, anywhere on :uzynatural@yahoo.com and vipgraciousgrace48@gmail.com or ping:2356CAA7

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