Love Making Tips For Husbands!

What effort have you made of recent as a husband in order to sexually satisfy your wife during lovemaking? Or is it now a boring,dry and routine affair with her without really considering her feelings and satisfaction!

Here are the simple tips that will bring back the glamour and spark into your relationship especially during sexual intimacy!

1.Your Spouse Will Be Pleased

It is no secret that men can get turned on much quicker than women. Men are also able to climax in less time than most women. This can make for some issues when it comes to love making. Husbands sometimes don’t understand why their wife doesn’t want to be intimate. It is likely because they aren’t getting the same thing out of the event. Men need to understand that love making is more mental for a woman while it is mainly a physical event for a man.

2.Outside the bedroom

You can help your wife enjoy love making more by being more attentive outside of the bedroom. Give her a breath taking kiss as you leave in the morning and she will think about you all day. Leave her notes that you love her and call her to say hello during your lunch hour, not to ask her to iron your shirt!

3.Show of appreciation

A woman likes to know she is appreciated. Take the time to thank her for all she does for you and for your family. It will mean the world to her. Women often get ran down after a day of working, caring for children, and taking care of the household. Make sure she gets some quality time to herself. This can be cleaning up after a meal you cooked for her, giving the children a bath, or giving her a gift certificate for a massage.

4.Oh body!

Many women are self conscious about their bodies, especially if they have gained weight and after they have children. Let her know you think she is beautiful. Don’t save your compliments until you want to make love. Once the moment does present itself, ask her what you can do to please her.

6.Don’t rush

I know you want to go straight to the main thing. But hold it a second. Women take longer to climax, so foreplay is very important. Unlike men, women want to be aroused before intercourse. If you want to have the best sex of your lifetime (and your wife too), make sure she gets wet (read: highly aroused) and she moans for more. The best way to get her sexually aroused is to take your time to feel, touch and appreciate her beautiful, curvy body – especially the erogenous zones. These areas are back of knees, inner thighs, nipples, backside, feet, and of course the very obvious the genitals.

A woman who feels appreciated, feels sexy, and has some help with children and household chores will be more willing to make love with her husband. If you work hard to take care of her needs, she will do everything she can to make sure yours are met as well.
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