Bombshell:Can of worms being exposed about FFKs House of sexmatics! whats your verdict?

Femi and Regina

Femi and Regina

Am shocked! Am speechless! Am disappointed but not utterly suprised anyway! How do I even begin to describe the state of my feelings right here and now? Gosssssh! This is simply disgusting and an eyesore! What is going on in our country? Where has our moral sense of value and decadence gone to? This is incredible to say the least!

Since Femi Fani Kayode’s article on the list of Igbo women he’d had INTIMATE relationships with became news, a CAN OF WORMS had been blown open and the ugly worms crawling out in their numbers! So disgusting to behold! The center seems not to hold any longer as the adage that says:” he who lives in a glass house should not throw stones” seems to be working against FFK right now!

Reading this response from one
Shama,honestly i do not know what else to say for now but to watch and wait as the web of sexual exploits spins round and round.

“Femi Fani-Kayode’s house of sex exposed – By Shama Musa Maliga

Femi has finally displayed his wealth of Idio-stupidity…hence his immoral house hood chapter is hereby opened…”

Excerpts from the headline:
24. Regina Fani-Kayode (nee Regina patience Amonoo), Femi’s third and present wife have also been accused by Femi of sleeping with his brother Rotimi Fani-Kayode. Regina who had only one daughter; Oluwaremilekun for Femi has been warned by Femi not to operate or open FaceBook account, because Femi thinks she will end up getting dating more young guys on internet.
23. I can state here that Femi’s marriage with Regina will still not last. The lady is also smart and sexually active like Femi. Femi hasn’t divorce her yet because he’s still eating through her as the Lady keeps secret dates with top politicians, makes money and ready to fix Femi too politically. OBJ’s relationship with Femi has been cordial because of this lady who warms OBJ ‘s bed regularly. The same lady has been making personally effort with GEJ for herself and probably for fix for Femi.
24. Finally, I have never banged Femi’s third wife Regina but I can say she’s a nice woman in her good side, though I have enjoyed nice sexual views of her. Seen her being banged by VP and Presido and assisted her many times with her clothes. My problem with them is that they are ingrates. Thanks for their daughters who made me happy several times with their tits, pussy and mouths.
There’s no need throwing stone when you have so many glass houses. Nigeria MUST remain One. Those preaching division from south-south and south-East are wasting their time” – Shama

Editor’s note: This article on Shama’s comments was published unedited.

 Guess you all had read all the contents of this article too! What do you think? What’s your reaction and what do you have to say about it?

Meanwhile Lady Bianca is still silent about this saga while a fake twitter account in her name alledgedly replying to FFK had been exposed!

Stay tuned and watch with me as the show of shame continues!

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