Adaobi Uchegbu’s response to FFK’s KiSs and Tell Saga!

Hmmmm this is really getting interesting by the day as FFK’s article on the women he had dated intimatedly sparks off reactions !!

While nothing has been heard from Mrs Bianca Ojukwu, Adaobi Uchegbu who now refers to herself as chief(honourable) adaobi kate uchegbu [Pictured above] wrote on her facebook wall today; 

“I had just finished a meeting in awka,anambra state,about our just concluded ward delegate congress,when my co-ordinator called me. He told me about the article chief fanikayode wrote. Chief fanikayode had written that he was not tribalistic.and then,he went ahead to list a number of prominent women,my name included,as women of igbo extraction,who he had been closely related with.

“I met chief fani-kayode at a pdp presidential rally at eagle’s square in 2003. And when chief fanikayode became the special assistant to the president on public affairs, i became one of his many aides.

“I will not deny the fact that it was in chief fanikayode’s office,that i had my first experience in politics. It was in chief fanikayode’s office that i learnt the gift of eloquence and public writing. I learnt from chief fanikayode the virtue of being loyal to your boss. And most of all,i learnt the ability to be determined and show love to my country,nigeria.

“Armed with some political experience, i immersed myself in the politics of my state,anambra and i contested in anambra state house of assembly in 2011 and thereafter,i also submitted my humble self for the position of the pdp national woman leader last year.

“A few of my supporters have told me to condemn,in the strongest terms, the said article. But,i will not do that.

“I would rather concentrate on my political activities.

“Chief fanikayode is one of the few de-tribalised nigerian that i know of. Chief fanikayode was a former brilliant and hardworking pdp chieftain. And i will always respect that fact. 

“Thank you for your patience,in reading this.

“From chief(honourable) adaobi kate uchegbu.”
What do you think? Is it really her talking or is she under some sort of pressure or being coerced into silence? *watching and waiting*
Reactive comments on Adaobi’s response:
If the stories were true that the man carefully made videotapes of himself in sex act with some of the women; and if this Chief (Honorable) Adaobi Kate Uchegbu knows that she appears in one or more of such videos, then her reaction above is quite understandable, though pathetic.

She must be under a lot of blackmail pressure now to say exactly what she just said. And what else could she not do to keep the videos out of public view?

MR .B’s response:
Femi Fani-Kayode mention this women “Adaobi Uchegbu” as one of the women he had an affairs with, but i was surprise to search for this woman on Facebook. Hear her out: She denied all the allegations leveled against her by Femi….. I won’t called him chief cos he doesn’t deserve it.

And so much more!
What’s your response to this?
More gists on this! Stay tuned!!

Femi Fani Kayode

Femi Fani Kayode

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One thought on “Adaobi Uchegbu’s response to FFK’s KiSs and Tell Saga!

  1. so unfortunate to note upon all she said, she never said she learnt how to sleep with someone’s boss both quickies in the office and ex-officio. so unfortunate of chief(honourable) adaobi kate uchegbu. I sum it up here that she gained her so chief, honourable titles from sleeping with her bosses. Anambra girls are very shamefaced except this damn one. let her fuck off please.

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