Remembering the lady who was gang raped and buried alive in Bonny Island! (Horrific Video)

Do you still remember watching this video some months back or hearing about the story contained herein? Have you ever wondered aloud the fate of the brutal and wicked murderers of the young lady whose life was snuffed out in the prime of her youth in the most horrific manner by her rapists? Am yet to hear anything about the case !

Viewers discretion is highly advised as you watch this video. The content of the video took place in 2012, where a Nigerian lady was raped by a group of men in Bonny Island, Rivers State but the video went rival sometime in April this year.

After raping her, the men tied her hands and legs before burying her alive. 12 hours after she was buried, the Nigerian army got to know about the incident, and the video shows the culprits and the JTF exhuming her corpse.

Unfortunately the lady was already dead by then.

After watching the horrific video months back,I woke up today sad and angry as I stumbled on the video again. Thoughts of her ordeal and subsequent murder filled my mind as am sure that her blood is crying out for vengeance wherever she is!
Please can someone tell me that her brutal death had been avenged and the culprits dealt with according to the law! Am waiting!!
Babe,may your soul continue resting in peace!

Young Lady's dead body been exhumed by her murderers

Young Lady’s dead body been exhumed by her murderers

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