Wooow ! Another Beautiful year is here!! Happy Birthday to Me and to all August Born VIPs!!

Born on 4th Of August some beautiful years ago,into the most loveliest family on earth,the family of Chief Nmah Ikwuagwu of Abiriba Kingdom in Abia State,Uzunma as she is fondly called by family and friends had today grown into a beautiful and gracious young lady and that’s me writing now!!

Wooow am so so excited today because God had added another beautiful and gracious year to my years! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME
It is not of him that willeth,nor of him that runneth but of God who showeth mercy! Many are in the mortuary today but God had kept me alive in His sanctuary as a vessel unto honour and may His name be highly exalted in Jesus name Amen! All I have to say is Baba God,thank you for giving my life a beautiful,gracious and glorious meaning!!

Guess what,am sharing my Birthday also with the World’s most powerful and famous man,the No.1 citizen of United States Of America,President Barack Obama,born on 4th of August too ! Woooow is it not so great that I have something in common with this living legend ?,and I know that one day I shall also be as great or even more greater than him,and also our Queen Mother Elizabeth (Elizabeth Boyles-Lon) of Blessed memory,and my lovely coursemate(during school days) and friend,Lady Joy Nnenna Onuiri.
Talk about Foreign Celebrities whom I’ve come so much to love and who were also born in various dates in same month like Micheal Jackson,Madonna,Bill Clinton,Hulk Hugan,Napoleon Bonaparte,
Whitney Houston to name but a few and their Nigerian Counterparts like Kanu Nwankwo,Mercy Johnson,Van Vicker etc.
To all my wonderful friends and fellow VIPs born in same month with me like my Ogas at the top :Sir JOK and his pretty wife OY, Onyema Uche (The Lion/Philanthropist lol)and other IVLLERS too numerous to mention,To my Coursemates,To my fellow NOHBIANS,To My Abiriba Brothers/Sisters,To my friends during service years,To my bosom Friends and loved ones, and to my Beloveth Brother :KK Nmah (August 28th), and to each and everyone of you born in the VIP month of August,rejoice and celebrate along with me because the Lord has done a great thing to us all! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME AND TO YOU ALL IN ADVANCE! REMAIN GRACED!
Am saying a big thank you to my loving Father,to my brothers and sisters for being always there for me,to my Sweetheart and Heart Desire:Darling I love you, to my Pastor and church members,to my colleagues, friends and loved ones! Thanks for celebrating with me today! I cherish you all!!
Nmah Gracious Grace(uzynatural)
4th of August,2013.

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