GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Jungle Justice and Issues Arising:REMEMBER ALUU 4 VICTIMS

Late Ifechukwude and Kazeem

Late Ifechukwude and Kazeem


Today had been a real bad day for me as I couldn’t help the tears flowing down my cheeks, weeping and gnashing my teeth in sorrow and pity! I tried to control myself but could not after watching the horrific eight-minute video clip of the gruesome killing of two guys, 25-year-old Ifechukwude Nwainokpor fondly called Ify,a final year student of Geology and Mining of Delta State University and a native of Onicha-Ugbo in Aniocha North of Delta State and his friend, identified simply as Kazeem for allegedly trespassing in Ajara area of Badagry Lagos State where there had been an incident of robbery some days earlier.It was a gory sight to behold as the two guys who were handcuffed together and covered in their own pool of blood were been mercilessly beaten to death by irate mobs in the full glare of the Policemen of the Badagry Division,with sticks and were seen in the video (which was made made available to PUNCH Metro) shouting “die,die,burn,burn them” and after which they put tyres on their necks and burnt them. Chaiiiiiii
Watching the video and also reading about their deaths on the news media took me down to memory lane as I remembered the ALUU 4. Everybody saw ALUU 4 boy’s death as an eye opener and hoped that such tragedy shall never occur again.
But alas,barely a year to the ALUU 4 boys death, here is another video of people who had taken the laws into their own hands in the exact way and manner in which the ALUU 4 were killed without bothering to give them a fair hearing to defend themselves

Just like the families and friends of Ugonna, Lloyd, Tekena and Chidiaka, who were victims of the brutal mob lynching in Aluu community of Rivers State last year, so many families had been thrown into mourning and made to be haunted by the gruesome manner in which their loved ones were killed as is the case of Ifechukwude and Kazeem’s family.

In every civilized society, the law usually makes provision for arrest and prosecution of criminals, be they armed robbers, murderers or any form of criminality. In a situation, however, where citizens no longer have respect for the law of the land, primitive behaviors such as mob lynching and extra judicial killings may set in.

A human right activist (names withheld) said that there is no justification whatsoever, for jungle justice or mob justice. According to him, “There is no justification whatsoever whether in law, in practice, or from the perspective of our culture, there is no logical explanation for mob justice.
It is animalistic, it’s illegal, it is not constitutional, and those who engage in such acts should be prosecuted for murder. It is a misconception to attach the word justice to lynching; when you lynch a human being ,why are you calling it justice? It should not be called mob justice, but murder”, he said.

What efforts are the Nigerian Police Force making in reducing or totally stopping this wicked and horrific acts against fellow men? Don’t they have powers to stop this acts any longer?
What about our constituted authorities? Is there no longer rules and regulations governing and guiding us? What is the fate of the ALUU 4 murderers as the case seems to be going colder by the day? All those who vowed to avenge their deaths where are they now? Has their deaths being avenged?
Does it mean that the confidence of our people had been eroded from where our authorities and they now resorts to taking laws into their own hands? No one is worth being lynched to death no matter the gravity of his or her crime.
Let’s stand and say NO to JUNGLE JUSTICE. Let’s allow the Authorities to do their works by reporting and handing suspected people to them.

Nmah Gracious Grace

Alleged killers of ALUU 4

Alleged killers of ALUU 4

Ugonna and Tekena

Ugonna and Tekena

Lylod and Chidiaka

Lylod and Chidiaka

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One thought on “GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Jungle Justice and Issues Arising:REMEMBER ALUU 4 VICTIMS

  1. It is indeed only in Hobbesian era when life was brutish and short that this was witnessed. Nigeria has not really evolved as a nation. Life is worthless in Nigeria.

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