INCREDIBLE:Michael Jordan’s son just tweeted a photo of his p*nis (Photos)

Woooow this is simply outrageous to say the least. Can you tweet a photo of your private part in the heat of excitement? Share your views!!
Marcus Jordan Tweets His Dick, Then About Mistake [UPDATE]

Marcus Jordan, son of Michael and erstwhile impetus for apparel company switches and Las Vegas celebrant, tweeted a picture of a penis, presumably his, last night. That’s not the funny part.

Obviously, it was deleted rather swiftly. But Jordan then created a story arc for his public dick pic by acknowledging his error in another since-deleted tweet.

Update (6:41 p.m.): Jordan has since issued relatively standard post-dick pic “I was hacked!”-type tweets:

My homies hitting me up talking about some pic that was posted from my account.. I mean really? Y’all think I don’t know how to work this?

— Marcus Jordan (@SASBMJ) July 28, 2013

Here Are Some Photos Of Marcus Jordan's $35,000 Night In Las Vegas

Here Are Some Photos Of Marcus Jordan’s $35,000 Night In Las Vegas

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