Internet Scamming Business:why do some of our girls love dating scammers?

Thursday,July 18th,2013.

Internet Scamming Business!!
What is now attracting our guys to internet scam business and fraudlent activities? Lack of job opportunities? Get rich quick syndrome? I must belong mentality? To impress the ladies? Or just laziness to work? can’t just understand why! How do we curb this ugly menace that is now eating deep into our system,turning our youths into liars and fraudsters!!

I’ve really been wondering what is it that now also attracts our ladies as honey attracts bees to internet scammers! Am not out to degrade our women but can’t help but wonders why it should be like this! My fellow ladies,that cute guy you are dating who has sets of flashy and posh cars,cute apartments in various places, huge sum of money in his accounts and spoiling you rotten with it,takes you out on almost all the most happening joints and spots in town and on a shopping sprees in and outside the most exotic locations in the world,yet he has no business office,no visible means of livelihood except sets of laptops,ipads,expensive smartphones,landlines and lots of simcards both local and international, have you ever wondered what he does with all this,especially the strange calls with different intonations that he makes,the fake business deals and lies?
They are all over the place,in different forms and status! Some are highly skilled,intelligent and graduates with good degrees while some are lazy school dropouts who sees internet scammimg as the easiest way of making money,duping people on daily basis. Friends,find out what business your boo is doing today to avoid had I known tommorow! Remember ignorance is not an excuse the law because the day he will go down,you all will go down with him! Be warned and Be wise!!

Guys,yahoo yahoo,does not pay,find something legitimate and start doing,forget this get rich quick syndrome,be productive and see the works of your hands been blessed.

I am also urging the Federal Government to employ graduates and stop this *you must know oga at the top* before you will get a job,empower our youths,open skill acquisation centers for those who want to learn handiwork,this will in a long way reduce the rate of crime in the society.
Your views and opinions will be appreciated!

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