GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Jungle Justice and Issues Arising:REMEMBER ALUU 4 VICTIMS

Late Ifechukwude and Kazeem

Late Ifechukwude and Kazeem


Today had been a real bad day for me as I couldn’t help the tears flowing down my cheeks, weeping and gnashing my teeth in sorrow and pity! I tried to control myself but could not after watching the horrific eight-minute video clip of the gruesome killing of two guys, 25-year-old Ifechukwude Nwainokpor fondly called Ify,a final year student of Geology and Mining of Delta State University and a native of Onicha-Ugbo in Aniocha North of Delta State and his friend, identified simply as Kazeem for allegedly trespassing in Ajara area of Badagry Lagos State where there had been an incident of robbery some days earlier.It was a gory sight to behold as the two guys who were handcuffed together and covered in their own pool of blood were been mercilessly beaten to death by irate mobs in the full glare of the Policemen of the Badagry Division,with sticks and were seen in the video (which was made made available to PUNCH Metro) shouting “die,die,burn,burn them” and after which they put tyres on their necks and burnt them. Chaiiiiiii
Watching the video and also reading about their deaths on the news media took me down to memory lane as I remembered the ALUU 4. Everybody saw ALUU 4 boy’s death as an eye opener and hoped that such tragedy shall never occur again.
But alas,barely a year to the ALUU 4 boys death, here is another video of people who had taken the laws into their own hands in the exact way and manner in which the ALUU 4 were killed without bothering to give them a fair hearing to defend themselves

Just like the families and friends of Ugonna, Lloyd, Tekena and Chidiaka, who were victims of the brutal mob lynching in Aluu community of Rivers State last year, so many families had been thrown into mourning and made to be haunted by the gruesome manner in which their loved ones were killed as is the case of Ifechukwude and Kazeem’s family.

In every civilized society, the law usually makes provision for arrest and prosecution of criminals, be they armed robbers, murderers or any form of criminality. In a situation, however, where citizens no longer have respect for the law of the land, primitive behaviors such as mob lynching and extra judicial killings may set in.

A human right activist (names withheld) said that there is no justification whatsoever, for jungle justice or mob justice. According to him, “There is no justification whatsoever whether in law, in practice, or from the perspective of our culture, there is no logical explanation for mob justice.
It is animalistic, it’s illegal, it is not constitutional, and those who engage in such acts should be prosecuted for murder. It is a misconception to attach the word justice to lynching; when you lynch a human being ,why are you calling it justice? It should not be called mob justice, but murder”, he said.

What efforts are the Nigerian Police Force making in reducing or totally stopping this wicked and horrific acts against fellow men? Don’t they have powers to stop this acts any longer?
What about our constituted authorities? Is there no longer rules and regulations governing and guiding us? What is the fate of the ALUU 4 murderers as the case seems to be going colder by the day? All those who vowed to avenge their deaths where are they now? Has their deaths being avenged?
Does it mean that the confidence of our people had been eroded from where our authorities and they now resorts to taking laws into their own hands? No one is worth being lynched to death no matter the gravity of his or her crime.
Let’s stand and say NO to JUNGLE JUSTICE. Let’s allow the Authorities to do their works by reporting and handing suspected people to them.

Nmah Gracious Grace

Alleged killers of ALUU 4

Alleged killers of ALUU 4

Ugonna and Tekena

Ugonna and Tekena

Lylod and Chidiaka

Lylod and Chidiaka

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HORROR: Nurse Sets 11-Yr Old Girl Ablaze For Being Hungry(Photo)

Doctors at the General Hospital, Gbagada, Lagos, southwest Nigeria, are seriously battling to save the life of an 11-year old girl, Ita Bassey-Eno, who was allegedly set ablaze by the woman she lives with, Mrs Nkese Iroakazi, a nurse at a hospital in Surulere.

Iroakazi was alleged to have poured kerosene on Bassey-Eno before lighting a match stick to set her ablaze after the girl was said to have stolen a piece of meat from the pot.

Witnesses said the girl ran out of their apartment at 7, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, unto to the main road with fire all over her body as she cried for help from passers-by to rescue her.

It was gathered that someone quickly stopped his vehicle and used his fire extinguisher to put out the flame on her body.

The incident, which occurred last Saturday, was immediately reported at the Bode Thomas Police Station and the police from the station arrested Mrs. Nkese.

The little girl was rushed to the Burns and Trauma Centre, an annex of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital at the General Hospital, Gbagada, for urgent attention as the doctors in the hospital said she had suffered 95 percent burns and would take a miracle for her to survive.

Bassey-Eno’s private part was damaged, while almost all her body is burnt. The whole of her body, except her face and her feet, are bandaged, while she wears pampers because her private part was damaged.

On her hospital bed on Monday the little was groaning in pains while health officials described Nkese as callous woman and that she must be made to face the music.

Executive Director, Esther Child Rights Foundation, ECRF, Mrs. Esther Ogwu, who was at the hospital to see the girl, wept when she saw her pathetic state, saying that in all her life as human rights activist, she had never come across such a gruesome case as that of the little girl. According to Ogwu, the situation is terrible.

The doctor said the girl suffered 95 percent burns and that her private part has been damaged. This woman is more than wicked. Justice must take its course.

“One of the health officials at the General Hospital, Gbagada called me and said a woman poured kerosene on the little girl staying with her and lit up a match stick and set her ablaze.

The girl ran out of the house to the main road where a Good Samaritan used her car fire extinguisher to put out the fire.”

Little Bassey-Eno, who hails from Akwa Ibom State, southsouth Nigeria, was brought from the village with another girl, Happiness Okon-Bassey, 13, to live with Nkese in June 2013 on the premise that she would send them to school, but that was not to be as the two girls allegedly performed the function of domestic servants for Nkese.

The second house girl, Okon-Bassey, said she did not see when her colleague was set ablaze but that she heard her screaming when their mistress was beating her shortly before the she saw flame all over her body when she ran outside their home.

She alleged that they were maltreated and beaten thoroughly very often and that they had no time to rest as they work almost throughout the day for their mistress without going to school, saying that they normally eat twice daily.

Daughter of the alleged culprit, Ijeoma Akiti, 27, said she was not at home when the incident occurred and that she could not tell whether her mother poured kerosene on the little girl’s body and set her ablaze, but that she heard such story at the police station.

She said her mother was first married to her father and later remarried into the family of Iroakazi and that her mother’s husband had gone on a business trip to the eastern part of Nigeria.

At the Bode Thomas Police Station, police sources alleged that the little girl confessed that her mistress poured kerosene on her.

The police at the station said the woman would be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti for further investigation into the matter, but Ogwu alleged that the police were trying to shield the woman from prosecution.

In her statement at the police station, Iroakazi denied that she poured kerosene on the little girl’s body and set her ablaze.

According to her, she was in the sitting room when she heard a loud cry and rushed out only to see the girl on fire and called on people to help put out the fire.

Officials of the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, WAPA, were at the hospital and the police station where they spoke with the woman, but she denied the story.

WAPA officials took Okon-Bassey, the second girl with them for rehabilitation pending when she would be reconciled with her real mother.

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Michelle Ijeh Udoka wins the 2013 Miss Global Queen! Congratulations!

Model Michelle Ijeh Udoka beat 22 other contestants to emerge the 2013 Miss Global Nigeria queen. The pageant held on sunday at Xovar Lounge in Lekki. Congrats to her!

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Billionaire Folorunsho Alakija acquires 4 G-Wagons for her 4 sons

Foluronsho Alakija

Foluronsho Alakija

Woooow! This is money talking:
Who said that women cannot make it real good?

One of the world’s richest women, billionaire oil tycoon Mrs Folorunsho Alakija recently acquired four brand new 2013 G-Wagons for her four sons, according to a report by Society Now.

The luxury SUVs, which were specially made for the Alakija boys, were quietly brought into the country a few weeks back. Each is said to have cost at least N22mllion, minus shipping.

Mrs Alakija is said to be worth about $600m (as of 2012) and makes about $1m daily from her oil business. She also has a real estate portfolio worth over $100 million.
Kudos Lady Foluronsho! Women are proud of your achievements!!

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The traders of Igbo origin operating at the Ladpo Auto Spare Parts Market, Mushin, Lagos have been told to accept Yoruba man as leader or leave the state.The ordeal was handed down to the protesting traders due to their continued resistance of Alhaji Oladotun Abibu Oki as the Babaloja of the market.

Lamenting their ordeal, the royal father of the market Chief Nwosu told reporters that “99 percent of marketers in Ladipo are Igbo. To be fair to all, he should come and contest if elected he will be accepted. “We appeal to the South East governors, Igbo leaders across the globe to come to our aid. They asked us to go back to our villages, if we are not ready to accept the leadership of Alhaji Oki. We pay our taxes in Lagos and have every right as Nigerians to buy and sell anywhere in the state.”

Meanwhile LACEC Secretary General, Pastor Steve Ijioma told reporters : “There has been controversy over the imposition of Alhaji Oki as the Babaloja. This led to several clashes and it was agreed that Alhaji Oki should restrict his authority in his unit pending when the matter is sorted out. During the environmental sanitation, he encroached on our territory and we resisted. The protest is to pass the message across that we do not want his leadership rather a free and fair election should be conducted. It is a pity that an Area Commander could openly ask us to accept Babaloja or return to our various states.”

LACEC, according to the President General, Comrade Ikechukwu Animalu, is opposed to the imposition of Alhaji Oladotun Abibu Oki because “out of the 34 existing units in the market, Alhaji Oki controls only a unit. There is still an on going battle over his appointment as the new Babaloja. It was his attempt to impose his authority on us that led to the crisis that erupted on Thursday. We demand a formal election, so that the people will decide who their leader will be.

“We also appeal to the police to be fair in this controversial matter and call to order those who openly ordered us to either accept the imposition or return to our various states.”

Stating his part of the story, Alhaji Oki said that he was ready to dialogue with aggrieved members of LACEC to find a way forward. He told Sun: “I was nominated two years ago to be installed the Babaloja of the market.

LACEC through several petitions frustrated that move and the process was delayed. However two months ago, the late Abibat Mogaji finally installed me. To pass their message across they did not attend my installation, which was held in June 27, 2013.”

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Twenty nine fun seekers were feared dead and many injured, Monday night, in the multiple blasts that occurred at Christmas quarters in the Sabon Gari area  in Kano.The Sabon Gari area of Kano metropolis was  rocked by multiple bomb blasts which occurred at Igbo Road/Enugu Road and on New Road, opposite Ado Bayero Square.

The development was said to have sent panic-gripped residents running helter-skelter in the ensuing confusion, witnesses around both scenes told us via telephone last night.

Security agencies confirmed the incident but said they were still gathering details at the time of filing this report, however, a witness claimed that about 25 people died during the attack by unknown gunmen, and there was report of ongoing sporadic gunshots at press time.

Security forces were said to have immediately cordoned off both scenes of the attacks which prevented people from moving close to the places hit by the explosions.

Reports said one of the blasts was on New Road not far from St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, a situation that made many believe that the church might have been the target.

The first blast occurred at about 9:12pm along Enugu/Igbo Road near International Hotel, while the second blast followed three minutes later.

Subsequent blasts followed shortly after the security personnel arrived at the scene.

Residents of the areas, including fun-seekers, were seen fleeing in different direction, and children were said to be among the victims.

The spokesman of the Joint Task Force (JTF), Captain Ikedichi Iweh, confirmed the incident but refused to give details. He, however, told residents to remain calm.

Heavily armed security operatives had cordoned off the area by the time of filing this report. Though there were rumours of deaths, witnesses claimed that so many people were wounded.

The presiding pastor of Peniel Baptist Church in Sabon Gari, Rev. John Adeyemo, who lives close the New Road blast scene, told our correspondent on telephone that the ensuing confusion and uncertainty, coupled with the security force’s take-over of the sites, made it impossible for anybody to pin-point the actual targets and the exact number of casualties.

 6 died during attack –Police
However, the Kano State Commissioner of Police Mr. Musa Daura, who confirmed the incident, claimed that only six persons were killed during the blasts, while six others were injured.

According to him, the security forces immediately cordoned off both scenes which prevented people to move close to the scenes of the explosions.

 Eye witness account
An eye witness and secretary of Ohaneze Ndigbo in Kano, Mr Tobias, said he counted no fewer than 23 dead bodies, including a beer parlour owner who is of Calabar origin. He added that a bomb had previously gone off at the same place during the heat of the insurgency.

Our reporter who was at the scene overheard an injured middle-aged man shouting, “Somebody help me!” but he was not getting immediate help because of the confusion.

Police were sighted carrying away the dead body of a little girl who could not be more than 10 years.

At the state-owned Murtala Mohammed Specialists Hospital, Kano, where the dead were deposited at the mortuary and the wounded were receiving treatment at the emergency unit, our reporter heard a boy crying out in anguish, saying: “Look at my brother David dying.”

The seven-year-old David was lying in a pool of his blood.

A mortuary attendant at the hospital said at least 26 bodies had been brought in from the scene. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to reporters.

“About 16 bodies were brought in by the police and 10 more were brought by the some residents and police in a white Hilux bus after about 3 hours,” he told our reporter.


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