Lets pray for the Poko Queen,Tonto Dikeh


You might be wondering why we should pray for Tonto Dikeh,the Poko Queen of controversy who had never been reported ill or any thing like that don’t you? Yea,she is hale and hearty but needs spiritual fasting and prayers to save her from a thunderous clash judging by the rate at which she is flying on the wings of controversy. For goodness sake,what joy does one,a top Nollywood actress for that matter derives in immersing herself with negative pictures of herself and marijuana? A pretty young lady full of life and loved by many,what will she be doing with such harmful substances?What can you say about her dazed look compared to the beautiful smiling face above or the face below?
What’s exactly is her point posting pictures of marijuana at any given opportunity? Celebrity craze?

20130629-145211.jpg Whats the meaning of this picture as posted by her aboard a flight earlier this month?

20130629-145523.jpg. The last straw was this picture above. Tonto posted that rolled up joint on her instagram page yesterday with the caption ‘Mi smoke gaja mi smoke weed while my hatez smoke ma gossip’ and then she posted a photo of herself looking like she just finished…etc..

In addition she took photos of her name spelt with the infamous grass, any advise for our dear tonto?

20130629-145906.jpg Reacting to the various posts and pictures of marijuana,Spokesman for NDLEA Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju said, “Our attention has been drawn to the post quite frankly and I can tell you that action will be taken on it. The law is clear and NDLEA has been very clear on the issue. No one is permitted to sell, use, cultivate or encourage the use of Indian hemp in Nigeria. The weed is one of the banned narcotics in the country.

“NDLEA Act Section 14 (b) states that any person who conspires with, aids, abets, counsels, attempts to commit or is an accessory to any act or offence referred to in this act shall be guilty of an offence under this act and liable on conviction to be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not less than 15 years and not exceeding 25 years.

Responding to the allegations,Tonto Dikeh debunks the stories as false and just mere rumour . Lets await as events unfolds.Tonto Dikeh sure needs our prayers or what do you think?


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