HELP! “I Caught My Husband Having S*X With Another Man”

HELP! “I Caught My Husband Having S*X With Another Man”

Most of us fail to understand why anyone would want to engage in homosexual activity. To the average person, the very idea is either puzzling or repugnant. Indeed, a recent survey indicated that only 14% of men and 10% of women imagined that such behavior could hold any “possibility of enjoyment.”

The peculiar nature of homosexual desire has led some people to conclude that this urge must be innate: that a certain number of people are “born that way,” that sexual preferences cannot be changed or even ended. What does the best research really indicate? Are homosexual proclivities natural or irresistible?

At least three answers seem possible. The first, the answer of tradition, is as follows: homosexual behavior is a bad habit that people fall into because they are sexually permissive and experimental. This view holds rat homosexuals choose their lifestyle as the result of self-indulgence and an unwillingness to play by society rules.
The second position is held by a number of psychoanalysts (e.g., Bieber, Socarides). According to them, homosexual behavior is a mental illness, symptomatic of arrested development. They believe that homosexuals have unnatural or perverse desires as a consequence of poor familial relations in childhood or some other trauma.
The third view is “biological” and holds that such desires are genetic or hormonal in origin, and that there is no choice involved and no “childhood trauma” necessary.

This is the story of a distraughted wife who found out that his husband of many years is completely gay. Contribute her by sharing your views and advising her on what to do!!

I caught him red-handed in the act last night. I told him I was going for a night duty and unfortunately, my car broke down and I couldn’t make it down to work and had to tell another nurse to cover up for me.
I had to leave my car on the spot, because there was nothing I could do at that late hour. However, some night watch-men agreed to help me look after it. I got back into the house and to avoid waking up my husband and children, I crept in quietly. As I stepped into our room, there he was! My dear husband was receiving at the rear from another man.

I have never witnessed such a messy sight. I should have suspected he was into such acts because sometimes we can go for weeks without having s*x.
I am confused here, what do I do?
Your advise is highly needed as she is in a state of dilemma! Thank you

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One thought on “HELP! “I Caught My Husband Having S*X With Another Man”

  1. The reason adduced in justification by all the governments that have legalised it is the “Biological” arguement.They claim its a natural/genetic phenomenom,and that all such aflicted should enjoy equal protection of the law.This view seems to be dominat and prevailing,to the discomfort of most of us.
    Sincerely,this genetic arguement i heard first in Secondary school when one of our students was confronted/beaten by seniors.He confessed he was born with that make up,that he feels nothing next to the opposite sex.Our principal, then a British man, at the assembly ground sided and protected the guy and confirmed his theory.We now ask,did God make a mistake? Is there mistake/imperfection in his creation? Could he be the authur of this confussion?
    Ify,being a nurse should research this claim and if persuaded that its indeed genetic,then she shuold show pity/understanding,afterall the hubby still manages to have sex with her and children too.Is it not for better for worse?.In the alternative,Divorce is an option,but on what legal ground? I cant think of any.Was she mislead by the hubby’s concealment of his sexual orientation ?

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