Widows: Their tears and challenges in the society

desolate and battered

desolate and battered

She is called a widow: She is that wife and mother whose husband had departed from this planet earth and who had not remarried.

She is the woman who alone cares and caters for her children and their needs despite the odds involved.

She is the woman who is faced with societal challenges especially the discriminations against a husbandless woman with fatherless kids!

She is a strong woman who feigns smiles in the public especially when her children are around her,but cries in pains and agony in the midnight.

She carries all her loss, her pain, her loneliness and her frustrations all to herself.

She struggles to be seen and heard in the midst of others as her dignity and pride(her husband) is no longer alive to speak and shield her.
She is the woman who experiences discriminations from people who had once loved her,believing that its her ill luck that killed her husband as if they are God.

She is a pain-filled and emotional poor woman who now depends on aids and assistance to survive.

She is a woman who faces poverty and injustice in the society with her children,with no one to care and provide for them.

She is a Black African woman,a mother,a jewel of inestimable value and the virtuous woman mentioned in proverbs!

Today,23rd June is International Widows Day,let’s reach out in love to the poor and needy widows in our neighbourhoods with their children and show them some love and care. They deserve to be happy once again,let’s bring back the smiles and laughter to their faces. Your charity and donations can send one or two fatherless children to school today and can also give them shelter and accomodations. Join in the fight against discrimination of widows! SHOW SOME LOVE!! We love you our Mama’s.

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2 thoughts on “Widows: Their tears and challenges in the society

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