So many men in my life

Loving Father

The men in my Life.I have so many men in my life! Yes,so many of them and can’t really say who is the most important to me amongst all of them considering the roles each one of them had played to make me whom I am today,I know where your naughty mind had jumped to or am I wrong?LMAO,don’t get it twisted pls!. These questions and more I’ve really contemplated upon as I was musing over Father’s Day celebrations yesterday!!

I want to start with the first man I’ve ever known all my life! My own daddy Chief Nmah Ikwuagwu Mba. He Is a man whom I’ve grown to love,Cherish and appreciate. It wasn’t an easy task growing under my father’s strict and disciplinary hands. My daddy is a no nonsense man as he believes in *spare the rod and spoil the child* slogan. But all this he did out of love in order to sharpen us thereby bringing out the best in us and which he had successfully done as all his children are doing good and exceptionally well in their various vocations. With my mum’s love and support,we were raised in the best and happy home ever ,remember behind every successful man is a virtuos woman and that’s whom she was,my late mum!!

My Brothers: what do I have to say about them? Whom do I start with,my eldest brother Larry,or is it Iyke,Daniels,Ony or KK(Lastborn)? All of them are now fathers except the baby of the house KK. Growing up with elder brothers is a story for another day. They showered me with me and attention, guided and protected me and lots more. They also flogged me whenever I do anything naughty.

20130617-120052.jpg I and Larry,my eldest brother

Yea! I remembered the day my brother Daniels gave me a thorough beating as he warned me never to interact with boys because they are no good for me at my age and caught me one day gisting with one of his friends! Lol! I cried and wept bitterly as then,i do not even know that there is lots more between opposite genders apart from innocent gists and chats. I remeberd him buying me icecream and cholocate when he found out that I didn’t deserve such beating being innocent. He was just being protective and looking back now

20130617-120251.jpg I and Ik my 2nd elder brother

am so grateful.

20130617-120603.jpg 3rd Elder Brother Daniels with Larry on his wedding day

20130617-121242.jpg4th brother Engr.Ony,on white suit from left
And finally,the biggest last born in the house KK.

20130617-121608.jpg KK 5th and Last boy/child

So do you now believe me when I said that I have so many men in my life? Yea, that’s my brothers and father . They mean lots to me. What about you.
All are fathers except KK,so wishing them a memorable Father’s Day with all my love.


13 thoughts on “So many men in my life

  1. I Love happy & united family & dear let the flame of love glow. my greeting to them all. to my namesake Larry, we no dey carry last.

  2. My Sister am so happy to celebrate fathers day today with my family and thanks for your B logging comments.

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