Bringing back the sparks in your relationship


How happy are you in your relationship? How fulfilled and contented are you? When last did you make your spouse or partner smile or has the spark gone with the wind? If yes ,what effort have you made to bring the joy,smiles,sunshine and laughter back into your affair?

20130617-175051.jpgHIM: when last did you take her out to sexy,cool and romantic spots for relaxation and hangouts? When last did you tell her how sweet and wonderful she looks? When last did you comment on her hairstyle,clothes,perfume and general outlook ? Have you ever kissed or hugged her openly in public? Take her to shoppings,give her suprise packages,encourage and support her in her career? Pray with her and tell her I love you? Women craves for attention each minute,endeavor to satisfy her even sexually.

20130617-175305.jpgHER:He is your Prince Charming,your pride and source of joy. When last did you brought a smile on his face? Or do you always nag and nag over everything? When last did you prepared his favourite meal because the way to a man’s heart and pocket is his stomach lol. Whendid you wash and iron his clothes out of love or are you the type always insist on a laundry man doing it? How often and how well do you relate with his family especially his mum because men are much more closer to their mum than women? Or you don’t care less? When last did you buy for him those beautiful wears or perfume you saw at the shopping mall without asking him for money? When last did you satisfy him

20130617-180126.jpgsexually or are you now so familiar with him that it doesn’t really matters any longer?

20130617-180455.jpg making it now a boring and routine event.
Let’s work towards making our relationship the best! Yea,it’s possible to renew and rekindle the first spark of passion and love. The man/woman out there is envying your affair so do not even think of leaving your spouse for them.

20130617-180808.jpg For real it’s not a bed of roses,but you can make it to be if you work harder . We needs God’s grace and love to make our relationship the best on earth .



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