Kissing Galore in BBA house


#BBA8 UPDATE: The Kiss Task Reveals The Chase’s Romeos And Juliets.

It was quite a stimulating Task that the Housemates will never forget in their entire life when they think of their Big Brother experience.This week Biggie intended at bringing Housemates closer and closer through this week’s task. He started with the crush wall which is to bring the housemates how have a crush on each other closer and later came up with yet another interesting task.

This morning,Biggie tasked the Housemates to balance the lab in a challenge that required them to kiss with a heart in between their sexy lips. The challenge called for the Housemates to join in pairs and for each pair to take a heart and press it in between their lips and keep it there for as long as possible.

Due to lack of enough boys for all the ladies to pair with, in the Ruby House, Pokello and Beverly had to share Bassey’s lips. The threesome had to work together and thank God that they managed to keep it till the last moment along with the Ruby lovebirds LK4 and Koki.

The threesome and the couple remained the last teams standing for some long time and after a lengthy session,Biggie had to intervene and stopped the session despite the fact that the trio had started showing some signs of exhaustion.

Talking about LK4 and Koki, the duo looked ready to even stand still sunset and nothing could become an iceberg to their Titanic.At the end of it all, Biggie announced a tie between the duo and the trio.

Going to the Diamond side of the chase, it was fun to watch three pairs enduring the task despite the hot sunshine which beamed its rays to them. Elikem-Fatima,Dillish- Bimp and Hakeem-Feza were the last three pairs standing and seemed to be ready to take it till not until Biggie called it a draw.

On this side, it is an avoidable to comment on how the pairs carried out their task. Fatima and Elikem were heavenly carried away by this task as they kissed as if they had made a hole into the heart! These two were not far away from Romeo and Juliet despite the fact that it was a task…. Oh maybe they are in the Big brother House.

Now another amazing pair was Feza and Hakeem! Seriously,it seems that Hakeem has forgiven Feza for swapping him to the Diamond House and any quick reporter would tell Cleo to start getting worried about their bond. The duo looked into other’s eyes and only love could be seen and if we are to judge by this, the two might get something bigger.

In summary Hakeem and Feza and LK4 and Koketso were today’s Romes and Juliets in the Diamond and Ruby House respectively.

What do you have to say about the Hakeem-Feza bond?





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